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Rey Mysterio Gets Death Threats, WWE Stars Give Condolences

Mysterio Getting Harassed On Social Media

Rey Mysterio has received several death threats in Mexico and has been harassed online, following the freak death of Perro Aguayo Jr. on Friday.

Twitter user ‏@Noruegoreturn was banned after posting an image of himself with a revolver, saying he was going to get revenge on “dog” Mysterio.

The athletic commission ruled that Aguayo’s death was an accident, but they have no legal authority. The state has opened a involuntary manslaughter investigation, though this would most likely be on the promotion for not having the medical team in place right away.

Coming from a wrestling family, it’s highly unlikely a wrongful death suit will be filed over the death.

WWE Stars Pay Respects To Aguayo

Several WWE and other wrestling names have paid their respects to Perro on Twitter. It’s possible there will be an opening graphic on RAW tonight. Perro’s father wrestled a few dates for the company back in the 90s.

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