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Review: WWE Slam Attax Head To Head Trading Card Game

For the first time ever WWE and Topps have teamed up to produce a trading card game based around the WWE RAW, SmackDown and ECW brands, including Legends superstars (even managers!). Trading card games have huge followings and appeal, beyond just the collectiblity of the cards themselves, so this product will appeal to young and old alike.

After receiving the materials from Topps, I carefully inspected the fit and finish of the packaging; once again Topps has spared no expense in producing a very high quality product. The packaging cover features a full color, high resolution action shot of WWE superstars John Cena and the “Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels. The game materials are presented in two forms:

1) A starter kit that includes 20 shrink wrapped Slam Attax cards and a Slam Attax Playmat, featuring SmackDown brand on one side and RAW brand on the reverse (the rules are the same for either brand).

2) For established gamers who already have the Playmat, boxed cards with a total of 24 individual packs of cards (wrapper features the same full color image as on box top) at 8 cards per pack (total of 192 cards).

The Playmat:
The Playmat itself is a 22″ x 16″ folded glossy sheet, constructed of similar material and finish as a wall poster of your favorite WWE superstar (perfect for a back pocket or book bag). There are 9 card playing positions located in the center of the Playmat. There are 4 matchplay options located around the edge of the board (Prop Card, Title Card, PPV Card, Match Type Card). Finally the rules are presented along the right side of the board.

The Cards:
The fronts of these high gloss cards are similar in design to other Topps WWE offerings – featuring high quality, high resolution posed images of your favorite WWE Superstars (including Tag Teams and Managers). The Superstar is also presented with his/her name lettered along the bottom and brand or legend designation logo at the top left. What makes these cards unique to the Slam Attax game is the banner at the bottom of each card featuring the Attack and Defense rating, as well as a star rating (see rules). The game is kept interesting in that even if you get the same Superstar card their Attack and Defense rating may be different – so you can’t load a deck with John Cena or Triple H and be guaranteed a win! Additionally, a Champion subset Triple H card defeats a standard Triple H card, so strategy is crucial. The backs of the cards give the Player some insight as to what might be on the other side. It features the Slam Attax logo at center, star rating and WWE brand of the Superstar pictured on the front. This can definitely influence your strategy as you play!

Some cards are matchplay option cards. Among these are Match type (Steel Cage, Casket, etc), Title option (WWE Championship, etc) (Foil designs), Prop Cards (Steel Chair, etc), Finishing Move Cards (Big Show Choke Slam, Carlito Backstabber, etc), Champion Card (Batista, Triple H, Edge, etc), PPV Card (WrestleMania, No Way Out, etc)

The Rules:
The rules are presented in 7 steps…

1) Slam Attax is a game for 2 players. The aim is to win as many rounds as you can and beat your opponent. Just follow these rules and tips, and you’ll be a Slam Attax champion in no time!

2) Lay your superstars face down in 3 rows or 3. Place on Prop Card to the side. Display a PPV, a Match Type and a Title Card to capture all of the excitement of a WWE live event! Decide who goes first by flipping a coin.

3) [Player 1] Attack with any face down Slam Attax card. [Player 2] Defend with any face down Slam Attax card.

4) Compare Player 1’s Slam Attax card attack strength to Player 2’s Slam Attax card defense strength. The higher number is the winner. (The winning Player keeps the losing player’s Slam Attax card and returns his/her winning card to the Playmat face-up)

5) The winning player from the previous round chooses his/her card for round 2 first, but this time to defend – not attack. Player 2 chooses his/her Slam Attax attack card. The winner is determined in the same fashion as in Step 4.

6) You can use one Prop Card per game, the star rating from your Prop Card gets added onto your Superstars’ score in attack or defense. Prop cards can only be used on regular cards.

7) After 9 rounds, all the cards have been played and the player with the highest score is the winner.

-Extreme Rules-
Prove that you’re tough enough by playing “Extreme Rules.” The game is exactly the same but:

You can only use:
1 special Champion card, 1 special Finishing Move card, 1 Prop card

You must use:
At least 1 RAW, SmackDown and ECW card, which includes 1 Diva. All cards must add up to no more than 40 stars in total.

Approximate odds per pack of finding special inserts: Finishing Move Card 1:6, Champion Card 1:5, Title Card 1:6, Prop Card 1:5. No guaranteed number of special inserts per pack. As before, on other Topps offerings, you can still write in for a chance at winning special inserts (no purchase required), but if you’re Canadian you must answer a math skills question first: 11×3+9-5 = ?

The game itself is actually quite fun and engaging and is not just for younger audiences. With 130 different cards to collect gameplay is kept refreshing by the differing Attack and Defense ratings of Superstars as well as gameplay options such as Props or Titles.

Here’s peak at what you can expect in a pack:

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