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Reigns Working Heel, Tyson Kidd On Teaming With Cesaro, Steph and HHH On Corporate Jet

Roman Reigns When He Was Heel

For those who think Roman Reigns should just go with the crowd and turn heel, there’s actually a precedent from his last few weeks in NXT. After being the happy go lucky Leakee, he came back as Roman Reigns, an arrogant and wealthy VIP:

He could easily morph in to this character by letting Wrestlemania and the pay-day go to his head.

Tyson Kidd Discusses New Tag Team

Tyson Kidd discussed his new tag team with Cesaro in an interview with SLAM! Wrestling:

Two guys who are insanely talented, extremely shredded and a lot frustrated come together and decide to make a name for ourselves and show why we are who we are. Cesaro’s story is unbelievable; he won a green card lottery in Switzerland and now here he is. The man is a freak. He can clean and jerk 135 pounds with one arm. He is a freak in every sense of the word. Throw in the best guy pound for pound in the business as his tag team partner and I think our upside is limitless.

He also discussed Vince McMahon’s “brass ring” comments from Steve Austin’s podcast:

I think it fired a lot of the talent up. We have a super talented locker room, for any that maybe were coasting it lit a fire under them and for the rest of us ensured we just keep pushing. Every day here is different. One day I was in Phoenix at Axxess wrestling Cryme Tyme in the worst match we ever had with them, which is saying a lot, 48 hours later I am clotheslining Mr. McMahon in front of 58,000 people at Wrestlemania. Things can change here quickly.

Triple H and Steph Head To Super Bowl

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon Tweeted a picture before they boarded the WWE corporate jet to attend the Super Bowl:

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