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Reigns Wants To Be Champion, JR On Vince, Zack Ryder Fat?

Roman Reigns Wants To Be Champion Within 5 Years

Shield member Roman Reigns told that his goal is to be the champ:

“In five years I want to be WWE Champion. It’s simple as that. If somebody else told you something else, they would be lying to you. I will be riding in a private plane called ‘Roman Air’ or ‘Roman Empire’. No matter what the plane is called, I will have gold around my waist.”

Reigns also discussed The Shield’s debut last year:

“It was a literally a rush. Looking back at it I felt like I was so unprepared. The funny thing is that day they wanted us to come out during the Triple Threat Match, with literally riot shields. They gave us turtlenecks and stuff and it didn’t really fit us, so we made a few adjustments. We were the new guys so all the eyes were on us and they wanted to see what we were made of. After that match, after we walked through the curtain, it was high fives all around. From that day forward, the three of us made a pact that we are in this together and whatever happens, we do it together.”

On fans saying he’s the one that can’t talk:

“I’ve never been bothered about what a fan thinks. That’s their prerogative, that’s their opinion. Everybody can see what I am doing in ring, but people will still criticize me. I am a student of the game, so I’m working on things every day. If it’s not physical it’s mental and cutting promos is mental. Anytime I’m thinking about wrestling, I’m going to run thoughts through my head to improve myself in all areas.”

JR On Commentating For Vince McMahon

In a recent interview with the UK’s Total Wrestling Magazine Jim Ross discussed what it was like commentating with Vince McMahon barking orders through the headset:

“I had good days and bad days being produced by Vince. No one likes to be yelled at but after working for Bill Watts there was nothing that could be yelled at me by McMahon that I hadn’t heard before.”

“Vince is aggressive and a perfectionist and is set in his ways, by and large. Working as a broadcaster isn’t easy and being overproduced can detract from a broadcast in my view. I survived aggressive producing better than some because I tried to not take it personally.”

“Good producers should motivate and lead… not rant and rave.”

Is Zack Ryder Fat?

Zack Ryder addressed fans on Twitter who claim he’s put on weight. Fat or not he’s definitely put on mass.

“I’ve been getting tweets saying that I look fat. LOL. Are you serious bro? Look how ZACKED I was tonight on #Raw!”

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