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DiBiase In Police Standoff, Reigns Talks Superman Punch, NBC Offer To Build Physical WWE HOF?

Mike DiBiase In Standoff With Police and SWAT

mike is reporting that Mike DiBiase, son of WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase, was arrested on an outstanding parole revocation warrant early this morning, after a 12-hour standoff with Amarillo Police and SWAT teams.

According to APD, the incident began at 11:12 Wednesday night after officers received information that a man wanted for a parole violation was in the 3900 block of northwest 12th. APD said the suspect was reportedly inside the building where several business are located and was seen by an employee attempting to break through a wall between businesses.

APD attempted to make contact with the suspect however attempts were unsuccessful as officers learned the suspect may have access to weapons inside the building. Knowing the escalated danger of the situation, SWAT and APD negotiators were brought in to assist with the situation. APD also mobilized a remote control robot to make its way through the building in an attempt to locate the subject.

Hours later, at approximately 4:30 a.m. APD notified Amarillo residents to avoid the area as several streets were blocked off in the investigation. The building where APD believed the suspect was located was directly across from Amarillo Area Center for Advanced Learning so APD advised AACAL staff and students to avoid the area.

Thursday morning at approximately 5:10 a.m. SWAT entered the building using chemical agents in an attempt to force the suspect out of the building.

The suspect was found hiding under a pile of cardboard boxes and was taken into custody by APD. According to APD the suspect may have known someone who had access to the building which is how he was able to enter. APD said that suspect will be booked into the Randall County Jail.

36 year old Mike was the first of the third generation DiBiase brothers to enter pro wrestling, but has never been in WWE developmental.

Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase Sr. wrote the following on Twitter:

“Please pray for my oldest son Mike. He’s been arrested again and is in jail. Pray that God would break his pride and he would grow up.”

Roman Reigns On Why He Uses The Superman Punch

In a recent interview with the Chad Dukes Wrestling Show Roman Reigns discussed the origins of his Superman Punch:

If you watch MMA, you never see them land those things but they always look really cool. I also think where I got it a little bit was from the movie Troy. In the very opening scene when he kills the giant. Like he just runs at the giant, jumps up, and stabs the dude in the neck. They’re kinda the same movement. I don’t have a sword I just have a big fist.

Reigns also discussed the chemistry the Shield has together:

It was strange because, we’ve spent a lot of time together don’t get me wrong but, just some things are natural, you know what I mean, and lot of times in groups you’ll have a lot of similar guys, but for us I think what makes it so perfect is we’re all so different. Of course we have some things that are in common, we have a lot of likeness, but if you look at us, the three of us, we just took a bunch of opposites, and we just put ’em all together, and the puzzles fit perfectly. It came with a lot of time together, a lot of traveling together, and getting to know each other, but a lot of it is, it worked out naturally, we all have the same goal and we’re all willing to do what it takes to work towards it.

NBC Using Physical Hall of Fame Offer To Negotiate With WWE

The New York Post is reporting that NBC have considered offering to create a physical Hall of Fame as a way to sweeten their negotiations to keep WWE programming on their channels.

While no concrete offer has been made, NBCU brass, as they put together a final pitch to present to Vince McMahon’s WWE, have talked about such a deal sweetener, sources said.

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