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Reigns Given New Hurdle, HHH On Punk and Chyna, Ex-Stars At Ringside, JBL Sorry For Eddie Comment

WWE Turns Things Around On RAW

Going in to last night’s RAW I was slightly worried that WWE were going to go all insider and break Kayfabe in addressing the Royal Rumble “controversy”, but they actually surprised me with the outcome. Triple H played on the fact that The Rock shouldn’t have had any involvement in the Rumble match even though Kane and Big Show were essentially cheating themselves when they attacked Reigns after being eliminated.

Daniel Bryan empathized with Reigns, because the Samoan clearly won the match and The Authority are just playing their “little games.” But with the seed now planted, Bryan staked his own claim to be in the Wrestlemania main event, because he never lost the WWE World Heavyweight title to Brock Lesnar. It was unceremoniously stripped from him.

Seth Rollins of course had no business in the ring at this stage, but as The Authority’s chosen boy, the fact that he broke Brock Lesnar’s rib, wounding the beast, was as good a reason as any to worm his way in.

So with that, The Authority booked Daniel Bryan vs Seth Rollins, with the winner going on to face Roman Reigns at Fast Lane. The winner of that match would then secure their spot against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

WWE have finally managed to pull themselves out of the hole they dug at Royal Rumble, with some good storyline driven booking. The heels screwed over Roman Reigns, and he gets a chance to redeem himself by overcoming the odds and still winding up at Wrestlemania.

With Bryan getting the victory over Rollins, I have no issue with Reigns getting the win at Fast Lane. Bryan is a top guy and there’s no reason why he can’t help make another. The more top guys there are, the more everyone gets over. That truly is best for business. In the past there was Austin, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker, and later Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle and even Benoit to work with. Bryan, Rollins, Reigns, Lesnar, Orton, Wyatt and Cena, makes a pretty good bunch as well.

The question is, what happens at Fast Lane, because although the crowds are easing up on Reigns, he’s definitely going to get booed against Bryan. It would be the perfect time for Reigns to turn heel and go on to Wrestlemania as a bad guy, against a fan favourite Lesnar who can switch at any moment due to his sheer presence. However Vince seems to have always envisaged Reigns as the next top face and Wrestlemania usually ends on a happy note. Maybe the company are content with mixed Cena-like reactions from Reigns. After all that mass cancellation of the Network never happened and there has been no measurable dent on their business.

What do you think? Did WWE turn things around on RAW?

Also on RAW Dean Ambrose called out Wade Barrett which may be a build to Wrestlemania for the IC title.

Steve Austin / Triple H Highlights

Steve Austin delivered another great podcast on the WWE Network, this time with Triple H, though like Vince McMahon he didn’t always answer the tough questions in a open way. He essentially glossed over the Roman Reigns situation, saying the company tries to gauge the fans reactions and change on the fly if needed, which is basically what they did on RAW. I guess what that really means however is that they don’t have their finger on the pulse at all, or are too arrogant to change directions before the damage is done.

He gave his usual dig at the “internet” as if fans that use the internet are still an annoying minority, as opposed to viewing them as hardcore fans that are yearning for a better product for legitimate reasons. In my opinion it’s not a case of knowing or not knowing behind the scenes stuff, or trying to “hijack” a show out of spite. It’s about appreciating quality programming when we see it and critiquing it when it’s bad.

Triple H said heat with CM Punk was overblown and that he heard stories of said heat when Punk was in developmental, even before he knew who he was.

He said he never had any personal issues with him and they never exchanged words as if there was a problem.

Triple H suggested Punk was aloof and a poor communicator, and never aired his grievances in the proper manner.

“It’s my regret that we couldn’t get past all this stuff with him. He didn’t want to be here anymore. If this isn’t his passion anymore, you can’t be here anymore. You can’t.”

In a very interesting question Austin asked Hunter if Chyna is Hall of Fame worthy? He said on her WWE accomplishments she was, but her other “career choices” may have tarnished her name in the corporate environment.

Chyna has of course done a handful of porn videos, however one of those is with Xpac who has since appeared on the show multiple times and has a Legend’s deal. Likewise many of the talent WWE still work with or have worked with, have just as sordid pasts, involving drugs, porn, and other crimes. Triple H once pretended to rape a corpse!

Chyna wrote on Twitter if the opportunity ever arose she would take in a shot, and thanked her fans for Tweeting about the podcast.

Kristal and Boogeyman At RAW

Former WWE Diva Kristal Marshall was at ringside during RAW last night, as was the Boogeyman who tried to disguise himself. Kristal is still with TNA star Bobby Lashley.

JBL Apologizes For Zombie Eddie Comment

JBL took to social media to clarify his “Zombie Eddie Guerrero” comment from RAW, which he says fans were taking out of context:

The spot with Luke Harper I saw some Twitter comments over. I had just mentioned Walking Dead show and Luke does the ‘Eddie’ spot over the top rope, my comment (since I had mentioned Rick Grimes before toward Luke) was ‘it looks like a zombie Eddie Guerrero’. This was a WALKING DEAD reference toward Luke-who I have said before looks like a ‘walker’.
I would NEVER insult my friend Eddie, for those who took it wrong-sorry about that, but it is what it is.

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