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Reigns Comments On Injury, Next Generation Video Game Related? Big Daddy V Funeral Controversy

Hernia Mania In Wrestling

“Hernia Mania” is running wild in wrestling with Roman Reigns being pulled from Night of Champions for emergency Hernia surgery, and Ric Flair and Ryback both recovering from similar surgeries. notes that Reigns will be out for 4 to 6 weeks. He commented on Twitter:

As for Ryback he’s back in the gym, while Flair is resting at home.

Sting Posts Cryptic Tweet

Sting has posted a cryptic Tweet with the date of tomorrow’s RAW:

This is interesting because it coincides with the recent “Next Generation” hype. Since the last time Sting made a Tweet with RAW’s date it was video game related, it’s possible the Next Generation is some kind of reveal for NXT’s inclusion in WWE 2K15.

Controversy Over Big Daddy V’s Funeral Fund

Bid Daddy V’s widow Cassandra Frazier has been using social media to call out V’s former tag partner Bobby “Sir Mo” Horne over a funeral fund. She claims Mo raised funds that he did not give her, while he says she took the money when drunk.

Here’s what she says about the situation:

I don’t know what Bobby did with all that money but he didn’t pass it along to me and I know he said he paid for Nelson’s funeral and stuff and he’s a liar. If he paid for Nelson to be cremated and for his urn, then why did I have to sell almost everything in our house? I have almost nothing left. I have had to move so many times since Nelson passed and you know, if I would have gotten anything at all from Bobby, I might have been okay.

The church (where services were held) was donated, so was the food and everything else I paid for by selling everything. He’s a liar plain and simple. He was always asking people for money for his kidney transplant and his dialysis on Facebook but hardly at all since Nelson died. He spent all that money on himself and his dialysis, he’s a scumbag and I will tell him that to his face. What he done is illegal and he should have to pay every cent back. I’m willing to take a lie detector test, any time, any place and prove I never got any money from Bobby Horne, you ask him if he is willing to do the same. Nelson didn’t even like him, he didn’t trust him, didn’t want him over to the house so why did I believe him when he said he would help me I don’t know.

Mo responded:

I am accused of not giving Cassandra Frazier any money. She also claims she sold everything to pay over $2400 for his service. Wilson Funeral Home will not only prove that the service didn’t cost that much. But donations were given by Lamonte Potts, Andy Varney and Rashard Devon delivered the balance to pick Nelson’s urn up. That money was given to an inebriated Cassandra Frazier, from myself that had been sent via Paul Eubanks, Reggie Rollins Jr and Christopher Costa. There was another $460 collected via PayPal which was included in the money handed directly to Mrs. Frazier. I have the paperwork to show the cost of the services, plus my PayPal account activity during that time period to show funds taken in by donation. Mrs. Frazier stated in the opening part of the article that she received less than 100 dollars from me, then in the latter part of the article said she would take a lie detector test to prove she never received anything from me. Well a smart Lawyer would wanna know, was it less than $100 or was it nothing at all, (Contradiction) Further if she sold her stuff for $2450 to pay for the funeral herself, then why would Andy Varney be asked by myself to send $400 via credit card to the funeral home? Cassandra Frazier sold Nelson’s stuff days and weeks after the Services. With the acception of Nelson’s truck, which was sold prior. Which also can be proved.

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