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Reigns Addresses Haters, WWE Trademarks Too Sweet, Scott Hall Hypes Wrestlemania Ladder Match

Reigns On Why He’s Disliked

Roman Reigns addressed why a portion of the fan base dislikes him in a recent interview on the Josh Podcast:

I don’t do anything but go out there and bust my ass every single week…Even when I was with the Shield, I’ve always had the critics and I think a lot of it goes with the background of me not having that independent experience, especially being paired up with guys like Seth and Dean because those guys are journeymen. The things they had to do are second to none.

We have a very strong hardcore fan base and they go in a bit deeper than just what the storyline is. One thing that kind of confuses me is that it is a performance, it is a show, there is a storyline. When people start doing the “He deserves this, He deserves that”, really did Brad Pitt deserved to be Achilles in Troy? It’s a weird world that we live in; it’s very real but very scripted at the same time. It’s a fine line and in my opinion that’s what makes it so neat.

Reigns also discussed being scripted on promos:

I look at it as a challenge. Obviously as a performer, I would love to go out there and go off of impulse, just go off into the arena and feel what’s going, but it is a show, it is a performance, and there is a lot that goes into this machine… For me, I know for a fact I haven’t told my full story. There is still so much more about me that I want to show the world.

Young Bucks Affected By WWE Trademark?

The Young Bucks and New Japan’s Bullet Club stable may be affected by WWE recently trademarking the NWO hand sign and the phrase “too sweet.”

Scott Hall Urges Stars To Get Their Wrestlemania Moment

Scott Hall who helped put the ladder match on the map at Wrestlemania 10, urged this years IC title contenders to make their Wrestlemania moment:

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