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RAW Results, WWE Stars On Sky News, JR Shoots On WWE Creative, North Korea Gets Wrestling

May 19, 2014, WWE RAW Results

– Bray Wyatt accepted Cena’s Last Man Standing challenge. Cena then merged from beneath the ring to deliver the AA.

– Cesaro def. U.S. Champion Sheamus, with a German suplex.

– Big E def. Ryback in a Beat the Clock Challenge Match for a shot at the IC title.

– R-Truth & Naomi vs. Fandango & Layla never happened, when Summer Rae returned and attacked Layla.

– Stephanie McMahon said she wouldn’t strip Daniel Bryan of the title if he surrendered it himself next week.

– Rusev def. Heath Slater, and then crushed the rest of 3MB.

– Rob Van Dam def. Alberto Del Rio in a Beat the Clock Challenge Match (beating Big E’s time).

– Seth Rollins def. Batista via Disqualifiction, when Triple H and Orton made themselves special guest ring announcer and timekeeper, and Ambrose and Reigns named themselves special guest commentators. Things soon broke down, but Evolution escaped to fight another day.

– Alicia Fox def. Divas Champion Paige.

– Dolph Ziggler and Mark Henry failed to win the Beat the Clock Challenge.

– RVD came down to confront Barrett, but was delivered some Bad News: “No Yank” was going to take the IC belt in his home country.

– Renee Young interviewed Adam Rose, but was interrupted by Swagger and Colter. Rose soon sent them packing, and returned to the party!

– John Cena def. Luke Harper via Disqualification, when Bray and Rowan interfered. The night ended with Sister Abigail on the steel stage, and the fans singing along.

WWE Stars Guest Host Sky Sports

As part of the massive media rounds in the UK yesterday Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Bad News Barrett and Fandango, took over Sky Sports News:

Jim Ross Schools WWE Creative

JR’s answer to WWE’s recent stock issues is to make the product better! He wrote on his blog:

My thoughts on WW’s recent communications and the fallout regarding their stock is simple. I outlined most of my take on this matter in the last blog that I authored.

However, I feel the solution is as simple as producing a more compelling TV product, putting key talents in a positive position to make a difference and overall ‘booking’ a better product that will appeal to the existing die hard fans and entice disenfranchised fans to return to the fold with a style of product that appeals to more to a mass audience of sports entertainment fans.

No fan, old or new, wants to sit through bad acting or long scenes that feature such. Dramatic, organic, dynamic promos where performers express themselves regarding a hot, personal issue or the importance of becoming a champion do not fall in the category of bad acting within the genre IMO.

Fans also do not need to be subjected to poorly executed comedy that is simply not funny. If comedy is written to satisfy a small aspect of the audience and that could be as small as the decision makers it should not be on TV. Simple, right?

Talents who have been percolating and touching the next level should e turned loose and given the chance to make a legit difference. In WWE, Dolph Ziggler comes to mind, in TNA guys like James Storm or Bobby Roode pop into my head as does a Michael Elgin in ROH.

Likely multiple other names belong on this off the top of my head listing but the bottom line is that if talents have gotten close but their creative push has been cut short for whatever the reason then perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate that mindset and put them back in the game if they are sound of mind and body.

At the end of the day, any company’s whose ‘sales’ are down has to focus on attracting new customers using smart marketing and consistently delivering a great product. Yep….it’s easier said than done but it’s doable.

Refine it, yes. Change it and continue to distance one’s self from the fundamental aspects of the business is as illogical as any business ignoring the basic rules of economics. If one spends more than one earns said entity is certainly doomed for failure. That goes for ALL business as the basic laws of economics are just as viable today as they were when the concept was created. Same goes for the fundamentals of pro wrestling which are just as viable today as they were back in the day.

JR also critiqued RAW and isn’t a fan of the blurred lines between faces and heels:

Even though I am a big time believer in the Wyatt’s as growing stars within WWE, if they are cast as villains then I am still confused as to their creative presentation. I just need some help understanding why it’s wrong for the fans to cheer them and I’d also like to know from what the Wyatt’s are saving us.

When the audience is encouraged to sing along to a supposed villain’s singing of a spiritual hymn and the antagonist also uses Mick Foley’s ‘cheap pop’ line of mentioning the city from which the show is emanating, those matters are not helping the talent become a ‘hated’ performer. Perhaps that’s the idea….perhaps the end game will be that Bray Wyatt isn’t a villian but Harper and Rowan might be. I have a crazy storyline idea on the new Ross Report Podcast that drops today (Tuesday) at 6 pm Pacific time at featuring @Goldberg. Check it out.

Inoki Running Wrestling In North Korea

Legendary Japanese star and promoter Antonio Inoki will be running two state sanctioned pro wrestling events in North Korea this August, in conjunction with the Sports Peace Association.

The shows will be held alongside several martial arts contests.

Back in 1995 WCW and New Japan held Collision in Korea, drawing hundreds of thousands of people, the largest audience in wrestling history – though obviously, citizens were expected to show up by the Government.

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