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RAW Results, Scott Hall Official For HOF, The Rock Hercules Poster, How Hulk’s Return Happened

March 24, 2014, WWE RAW Results

– An irate Stephanie had no remorse for what happened to Daniel Bryan and defended the McMahon family in RAW’s opening segment. Randy Orton generally agreed with her, but warned if Triple H beats Bryan at Wrestlemania, Steph should pull her husband out of the main event so he doesn’t get a beating. Batista went a step further, insulting Stephanie, and getting a slap for the trouble. The Animal was the last one standing however, after spearing Orton to the mat.

– Christian def. Dolph Ziggler, Alberto Del Rio, and Sheamus, in a Fatal 4-Way IC Title No. 1 contender match. After the match he refused a handshake from Big E.

– Sin Cara who arrived with Scooby Doo, def. Damien Sandow.

– Los Matadores def. Ryback & Curtis Axel, after the Shield caused the distraction. After the match they delivered a Triple Powerbomb to Ryback, for conspiring against them on SmackDown.

– Michael Cole interviewed Triple H in the ring. The Game said he’s going to start a “Reality Era” where he ends Daniel Bryan’s Cinderella story and the “Yes!” Movement, before winning the World Heavyweight Championship.

– Cody Rhodes def. Fandango, with the Disaster Kick.

– The Miz interrupted Hulk Hogan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello, but easily got sent packing by the trio.

– Big Show def. Titus O’Neil.

– John Cena def. Luke Harper via Disqualification, when the rest of the Family interfered. They strung him up in the ropes and put the sheep mask over his face. Bray said this was Cena’s “true face”.

– Naomi def. Divas Champion AJ Lee via Count-Out, when the Champ walked out.

– Vickie Guerrero announced a Divas Championship Invitational for WrestleMania, where AJ will defend her title against Every. Single. Diva. Including Tamina!

– The Shield def. The Real Americans, when Rollins hit the Head Stomp.

– Brock Lesnar called out The Undertaker, but when he arrived he arrived with Druids and inside a Casket!

Razor Ramon Announced For WWE Hall of Fame

Scott Hall under the Razor Ramon name was announced for this year’s WWE Hall of Fame during RAW. They completely ignored his run in WCW and latter appearances in WWE with the NWO.

The Rock Tweets Hercules Poster

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Tweeted the official poster for his Hercules movie yesterday. Check it out:

Hulk Hogan On Leaving TNA For WWE

In an interview with Huffington Post Live yesterday, Hulk Hogan said Triple H approached him at a charity event while he was still with TNA and asked him when he was coming home. This all went down right in front of TNA officials. Hulk said when his TNA deal expired Hunter immediately text him and the rest is history.

The Hulkster didn’t have anything bad to say about TNA and said they stuck by him through his back surgeries.

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  • Arindam S. Roy

    Good to see that the Hulkster isn’t trashing TNA like many other ungrateful has-beens did. TNA really helped those guys out when WWE didn’t want them anymore.

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