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RAW Rating Rises, Dish Network Drops WWE PPVs, WWE Sounds DVD Update

Raw Audience Increases Slightly

This week’s episode of WWE RAW on the USA Network drew an average audience of 4,364,000 viewers, up slightly from the previous week’s 4,329,000 number.

Dish Network Drops WWE PPVs

In what appears to be a protest move, Dish Network has stopped providing regular WWE PPVs, beginning with Sunday’s Elimination Chamber.

The company have told fans that this was WWE’s decision because they’re launching the Network, though this isn’t strictly true. WWE had always planned to offer regular PPVs to those that didn’t sign up to the Network. This seems to be a case of Dish Network being annoyed that WWE have taken one of their big earners away, so are ending their partnership completely.

WWE Signature Sounds DVD Cover has revealed the cover for WWE’s upcoming Signature Sounds DVD:

WWE Signature Sounds

Music has been integral in WWE history, especially anthems for all the greatest WWE Superstars. Since Sgt. Slaughter first made his entrance to the Marine Corp hymn in the early 80?s music themes have become synonymous with the Superstars themselves. Just hearing the first few notes brings the crowd to their feet. They are the songs that let the WWE Universe know that business is about to pick up.

Now, get behind the music and learn the inside story behind the timeless anthems of WWE and the superstars.

The DVD goes on sale on March 18th.

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