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RAW Rating Drops, Viscera’s Wife Update, WWE Acquiring Memphis Tape Library

RAW Audience Drops

This week’s episode of WWE RAW on the USA Network drew an average audience of 4.006 million viewers, down from last week’s 4.276 million number.

The show did hours of 3.810 million viewers, 4.251 million, and 3.957 million.

RAW also came 4th in Nielsen’s Twitter rankings, with 1.522 million active Tweeters during the show.

WWE Helping Viscera’s Wife

After initially lashing out on social media, the wife of the late Big Daddy V says that WWE have since been helping her out. Cassandra wrote on Facebook:

Facebook, how do I start ! Wwe has taken care of me , I’m in tears ‘ they did the right thing and has made sure I have and wll get everything I need , I want say an amount but I’m super well taken care of, I was blessed and I feel very stupid for what I had said about their company! Feeling happier than ive ever been in my entire life, except for when I met Nelson ! I think I’m gonna start watching wwe again lol , I’ve been very blessed! I love all my Facebook friends at least for today! Lol ! Much love and wwe yes they rock , much love!!!

Jerry Lawler Securing WWE The Memphis Tape Library

Jerry Lawler mentioned in an interview on Bleacher Report that he’s looking to secure the Memphis wrestling tape library for WWE. It is one of the last remaining major territories that WWE haven’t acquired footage from, mainly because who owns the rights has never been clear.

The good news is I’m amassing the tape library and I’m talking right now with the people in WWE about making the entire Memphis library available to the WWE so they could use it on the Network.

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