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RAW Rating Drops, Foley Needs Surgery, Ryback Out With Injury?

This Week’s RAW Audience Drops

This week’s episode of WWE RAW on the USA Network drew an average audience of 3,973,667 viewers, which is a bad number but they were head to head with the Emmy Awards.

Mick Foley Cancels Tour For Back Surgery

Mick Foley was forced to cancel his Outside The Ring dates in Denver, Colorado because he needs back surgery.

Speaking of Foley his recent two appearances on the Steve Austin Show were a must listen. During part 2 he gave some insight on the CM Punk situation:

I don’t believe I’ve ever shared this. When I was making the decision to do the thing with Ambrose before the doctors stepped in and told me I’d had my last match, that grass roots thing was really resonating with the top guys in the company. Punk, Cena, they liked it; it was different. Punk wanted to be a part of it. I remember parking outside an arena and texting him. And I said ‘how…’, I didn’t know how exactly how old he was, he was 12 years younger than me. I said, ’12 years from now, do you envision yourself coming back after a three year layoff to do a segment that is intentionally bad, referring to me coming back to do the ‘This is Your Life, John Cena’ spot. And he said ‘no’. And I said, ‘that will give you some indication how far I’ve fallen from my ideals.’ And I will always regret that I let myself fall that far and that I didn’t stand up and fight that one. I get the call and it is a pretty unusual idea, and under other circumstances, had I been back a while, I would have been glad to have done a segment that was purposely bad. If I remember correctly, I would go out there and I would say ‘watch this, Steve’, and then I would tank an interview just so you could tell me Jack Lanza’s reaction backstage. … But my first time back to be in a segment that was intentionally bad, it was a real blow to everything that I thought I had stood for. I remember Punk saying he wouldn’t be that guy. I don’t know if he’s going to come back if it’s less than ideal and if he does come back, he becomes that guy he hated. If he becomes that guy collecting the part time check than he gets the last laugh but he does it at the expense of his ideals.

Ryback Taking Time Off?

It was briefly mentioned on Main Event that Ryback is out with an injury, which may explain his cryptic Tweet earlier this week “that he was going away for a while to get some stuff fixed.”

The exact situation is still not clear however.

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