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RAW Preview, WWE Game Commentary Blooper, Ex-Star Says Shawn Michaels Attacked Him

On Tonight’s WWE RAW … are hyping the following 5 points for tonight’s episode of RAW:

– Who will be punished by The Authority next?

– Which Superstars will join the Royal Rumble Match?

– Will distractions hurt John Cena’s chances to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

– After facing defeat twice in one week thanks to her “Total Divas” nemeses, are Nikki Bella’s days as Divas Champion numbered?

– How will Barrett prove his dominance this week?

Unused Jim Ross Commentary Track

Here’s a pretty funny audio clip from Jim Ross, which was cut out of WWE 2K14. It sounds like he messes up and just decides to wing it:

WWE 2K14 – Unused JR Commentary
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Sir Mo Says Shawn Michaels Attacked Him Backstage

Former WWE talent Sir Mo (manager to Mabel) claimed in a recent In Your Head interview that Shawn Michaels attacked him backstage in 1996.

“The Kliq was strong. Case in point: Shawn Michaels assaults me, I tell him, ‘Don’t ever put your hands on me again or I’ll beat your f——g ass,’ and I get pulled off TV for nine months.”

He said his locker-room altercation with Michaels began when Shawn blindsided him with a forearm to the back because Michaels was annoyed that Mabel had gone home sick from an event. Mo said that he was still required to attend shows for the whole time he was off television but noted that he was only paid a per diem rate for his presence and after dome time, he began to become despondent and suicidal over the downturn in his career. He indicated that it was Davey Boy Smith who finally pulled him aside and explained that Mo was the target of backstage politics because of his run-in with Michaels. He also noted that Randy Savage gave him words of encouragement during the difficult period.

“The Macho Man pulled me to the side. He said, ‘Whatever you do, bro, don’t ever take yourself out of the game’,” recalled Mo.

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