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RAW Preview: Triple H’s Big Announcement, Foley Jokes About Rock’s Super Bowl Ad, Bubba Ray Update

Triple H’s Big Rumble Announcement Is Tonight

As WWE have hyped all week, tonight on RAW Triple H will make a “big announcement” regarding the “controversy” surrounding the Royal Rumble result. He revealed on SmackDown that he is going to address Roman Reigns directly.

While there’s no word on exactly what’s in store, it’s unlikely to cross the kayfabe line too much. In a storyline sense Roman Reigns was not handed anything (he just won), so as a heel Triple H’s most likely move is to unfairly insert Seth Rollins in to the mix, as a way of saying “well if you don’t want Reigns then you can have my guy Seth Rollins as well,” *smirk*

It’s also possible that Triple H claims he has listened to the WWE universe and because he’s all about what’s “best for business” he makes Reigns jump through some hoops to reclaim the Wrestlemania spot. Perhaps he has to face Rollins at Fast Lane or something along those lines. This way he addresses the controversy, remains a heel, and allows Reigns to redeem himself in the fans eyes.

Ultimately we’re just going to have to wait for tonight! are hyping the following 5 points for the show:

– What will Triple H announce?

– Will Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler end up facing each other at Wrestlemania?

– Will Paige get back at The Bella Twins?

– Is Rusev heading toward his first true loss in WWE against Cena?

– Who was Bray Wyatt addressing on SmackDown when he said he feared no man “dead or alive”? (The Undertaker?)

Mick Foley Tweets The Rock

This year’s Super Bowl marked 16 years since Mankind and The Rock squared off in an empty arena match during “Half Time Heat.”

After seeing The Rock’s Fast & Furious 7 Super Bowl trailer, the pair exchanged comments on Twitter:

In other Super Bowl news, WWE reminded people that Wrestlemania had the better attendance numbers:

Of course there may be an argument to be made about how each event has different setups with different numbers of seats available.

Bubba Ray Calls On WWE Universe

Bubba Ray Dudley has called on the WWE Universe to be vocal if they want to see him back with WWE on a regular basis. Speaking with Busted Open Radio he said:

I think that fans have more of a voice now then they have ever had in pro wrestling and I think that’s good because it forces pro wrestling to stay on their toes. You know; wrestlers, creative people, everybody. So my answer is if the WWE Universe wants to see me or me and my brother, Devon, they need to be as vocal as possible. And you know, let them know. Whether that be on social media or with signs (at live events). And if management wants [The Dudley Boys] back, then we’ll make that decision. But as far as the Rumble is concerned, it was a one night stand alone and it was really exciting. It was just a lot of fun.

He said he thinks a singles run or a return of the Dudleys together could work in 2015:

I think both can be done. And I think people would like to see both. I’m really torn on the idea. As far as me and Devon doing it together, I think it’s a very easy fit. People have always been supportive of us and if we were to go back there together, I think that they would welcome us back open arms and it could definitely, definitely work. They have some really quality teams up there that me and Devon would love to work with. The Usos, big fan of Damien Mizdow and The Miz, maybe we would get in there with The Ascension. Hell, maybe a nostalgia match with Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. That’s easy. As far as by myself is concerned, that would be interesting because people always ask me about the Bully Ray character and the WWE.

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