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RAW Preview, JR On Lesanr UFC Rumor, WWE Staff Member Dies

Last RAW of 2013 Preview: is hyping the following 5 points for the final RAW of 2013:

– Will Fandango kick off the New Year with his first title win in WWE, or will Big E’s raw power put a Big Ending on Fandango’s dreams?

– What will unfold when The World’s Largest Athlete Big Show dons a diaper to say goodbye to 2013?

– What might The Authority and other Superstars have to say about Batista’s return?

– What’s next for John Cena?

Jim Ross Mocks Lesnar UFC Return Rumors:

Brock Lesnar UFC

Jim Ross addressed the Brock Lesnar returning to UFC rumors in his latest blog:

Oh, yeah…no Brock Lesnar at #UFC168 contrary to the rumor of the week online and elsewhere. I wrote about this situation in my last blog (Saturday) which you can access here on the site. Why would anyone leave the protected, show biz world of WWE where Brock’s working a part time gig for BIG money to risk his health and legacy to step back into the Octagon? Again, if I’m Lesnar I’m taking all of the WWE money that I can count (and saving it) plus I’d even be willing to work more RAW TV dates to better promote and monetize the reason that WWE hired Lesnar in the first place, to sell PPV’s.

The question is can Brock or WWE ever fully monetize their arrangement to the fullest extent with Lesnar only working a handful of dates a year? I’ve got mixed emotions regarding that one but for each party’s sake, I hope that they do.

Paul Heyman is a marvelous representative for Lesnar but no one, not even WWE’s most talented talker, can carry the entire load with the PPV customers that only see Lesnar a handful of times a year.

Lesnar is not the Undertaker and Brock doesn’t have ‘The Streak’ going for him at WrestleMania. Big difference.

Doug Getz Passes Away:

Long time WWE production crew director Doug Getz passed away over the weekend. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends.

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