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RAW Preview, DDP Needs Throat Surgery, Big Show Incident With Fan, Rourke Was Scared of Y2J?

Sting At RAW?

Some cable guides are hyping whether Sting is going to respond to Triple H’s challenge on RAW. While nothing is confirmed, he could send some kind of message to Triple H, informing him that he’ll be at Fastlane.

Ray “The Crippler” Stevens is also expected to be announced for the Hal of Fame. are hyping the following 5 points for tonight’s show:

– How will The Authority stack the deck against Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns?

– Will Goldust and Stardust make up or explode on RAW?

– What lunacy does Ambrose have in store for Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett?

– Will Paige get some payback against The Bella Twins?

– Should John Cena fear Rusev?

DDP Released From Hospital

After opening up his throat and carrying out some tests, doctors have allowed DDP home so long as he does not talk or put stress on his vocal cords. The Yoga pioneer is suffering from Subglottic Tracheitis (severe swelling of the vocal cords) and will be returning for surgery on Thursday.

Big Show Yells At DJ

Local Columbus, Ohio, radio personality DJ Quicksilver claims Big Show blew up at him in an incident that took place this morning. Show who travels in a tour bus, was reportedly parked in a location ahead of tonight’s RAW catching some sleep, and was in violation of parking regulations.

Quicksilver who manages the property and parking lot, tapped on the bus and informed the driver of the situation. He claims a tired and angry Big Show stormed out of the bus and cussed him out, claiming his tapping was denting his windows.

I just got yelled at and F-Bombs thrown at me this morning by WWE’s Big Show this morning, off Morse Road. Happy Monday. His tour bus was parked in the property I secure since 4am. Told driver of sleeping regulations, few minutes later here comes Big Show exiting the bus, yelling, screaming, dropping F-Bombs trying to say by knocking on the windows I dented them.

I was awe-struck. He ended up leaving. But so much for the anti bully campaign WWE has.

I’ve be Been a fan of wrestling for 25+ years and my first interaction up close I get called names. I was just awe-struck and speechless. Didn’t even think to hit record on my phone that was in my pocket.

Big Show has not given his side of the story.

Frank Shamrock Recalls Wrestlemania

Despite being the star of “The Wrestler,” MMA star Frank Shamrock says Mickey Rourke was still not sure what was a work and a shoot at Wresltmeania 25. Rourke allegedly invited Shamrock with him in case Chris Jericho went in to business for himself. Speaking with Submission Radio, Shamrock said:

Well you know Mickey is a good friend of mine. So when he got the call to do Wrestlemania, he thought that there was a good chance they’ll double cross him, or jump him, or this and that, or whatever, but he’s that guy, he’s old school. He’s like from the streets, he’s a real dude, hardcore. So he calls me up, he’s like “listen man I’ve got my movie career going again ‘The Wrestler’ is up for this award and everything” He’s like “There’s no way I can go down like this.” He’s like “If they pull something on me, I need some back up”. So he’s like “I want you to come out and I want to bring this killer with you just in case”. So I’m like “okay” [laughs].

So yeah I flew out, went out to his big pad in Hollywood and then we also went on Vince’s [McMahon] private jet and I brought Clint Coronel who’s “The Aztec”. He’s like a golden glove boxer, an MMA fighter, and just hardcore looking dude, and ’cause like Mickey’s serious. He didn’t understand that it was a gimmick, that Jericho was using it as a promotional tool. Mickey’s like me, he’s from the streets. Like if you say “hey I’m calling you out”, it’s like “oh well we need to deal with this before it goes somewhere else”. So he thought it was real. He thought they were going to have an altercation. He didn’t know what the end result was going to be, and he brought some forces and I was in that group. So yeah it was crazy. I’ve never been to Wrestlemania, it was like one of my childhood dreams, and then within like 2 weeks we’re on Vince’s plane, I’m sitting there ringside, and the whole thing’s happening, and I was just like, wow what a crazy experience.

It’s like they have their own world going on, but we came in like we were going to do some serious damage [laughs]. But the whole thing, like we played it out; I figured all along that it was pro wrestling and that’s what you do. You build up a gimmick and then you work it out, but Mickey was so convinced and so on edge that we stood in line like good soldiers. But they were, honestly they were like “err, what’s Frank Shamrock doing here and why’s he got this scary guy with him?” It was totally a weird like situation, but once they sat down and broke it down, and kind of went through the whole thing, Vince and all those guys got in the ring and worked it out, and everybody felt good about it, and I was just like a kid. I was like “are you kidding me?” when all of this was happening right around me, and that was pretty neat.

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