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RAW Preview, CM Punk Updates, New NXT Gimmick, Dusty Not Happy, Rusev Meets Sheik

On The Card For Tonight’s RAW are hyping the following 5 points for tonight’s episode of RAW:

– Can The Authority control Kane after what he did to Daniel Bryan last week?

– Dolph Ziggler has forgiven Hugh Jackman for punching him out last time he made a RAW appearance, but who does the Hollywood star have his sights set on this time?

– Now that The Shield has laid waste to all those who have stood between them and Evolution, what will happen between these two powerhouse factions before they go to war at Extreme Rules?

– Bad News Barrett vs RVD.

– Will #RybAxelRules be trending on Twitter with the crowning of new WWE Tag Team Champions on Raw?

Latest CM Punk Sightings

CM Punk gave a pep talk to a little league baseball team over the weekend, check out the photo below:

Speaking of Punk he was also spotted at the Chicago Blackhawks vs. St. Louis Blues game with AJ Lee, who has been granted some time off from WWE:

WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham told his Facebook fans he thinks Punk will return to WWE at SummerSlam:

Hi fans, I thought you might enjoy seeing this shot from 1977 with the pink cap on and the belt over my shoulder. The question I have for all of you good fans out there is this, when do you think we will see the return of C M Punk and why ? I say he will once again be in a WWE ring at this coming SummerSlam 2014. Why ? Because its a perfect PPV event and tons of time has past since he left and he doesn’t want us to forget about him does he ? The man does bring a lot of talent to the table. Superstar.

Raquel Diaz Managing Biker On NXT

Shaul Guerrero (Raquel Diaz) is managing Baron Corbin, who is now working a biker gimmick in NXT:

Dusty Rhodes Upset He Wasn’t #1 In Talkers List

Dusty Rhodes initially wasn’t happy about being ranked 5th in the best talkers list. He wrote on Twitter:

Later on he suggested that he was just trying to stir things up:

Rusev and Lana Meet Iron Sheik

Alexander Rusev and Lana met the Iron Sheik, who was backstage at the recent house show in Louisville.

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  • Greg Giggie

    what’d he say to the little league team “just don’t quit”, pfft.

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