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RAW Preview, Brodus Clay’s Heel Turn, Kaitlyn Wants Stephanie

On The Card For Post-TLC RAW is hyping the following points for tonight’s RAW from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas.

– Will Daniel Bryan join The Wyatt Family?

– Who’s next to challenge Cody Rhodes and Goldust?

– Is Roman Reigns The Shield’s weak link?

– Is Big E Langston starting a winning streak?

– How long will it take before The Authority puts Randy Orton to the test?

Brodus Clay Continues Heel Antics

Brodus Clay heelBrodus Clay continued his heel antics after the TLC PPV, calling out Tensai and the Funkadactyls for walking out on him during his match with R-Truth:

“Ingrates! Back stabbed betrayed by my jealous so called team #MainEventPlaya gonna be alright and truth n x best believe I’m tag ya back!!”

The full turn may still be a week or so away as Tensai suggested they would have a heart-to-heart when discussing the matter on the WWE App.

[Quite why Brodus is a bad guy for being aggressive in a wrestling match he’s trying to win, I have no idea].

Kaitlyn Wants Feud With Stephanie McMahon

During a recent interview with WWE Magazine, Kaitlyn said Stephanie McMahon would be her ideal Wrestlemania opponent, though her in-ring days are most likely behind her:

“Stephanie McMahon! I’d love to see our names in lights together because she seems untouchable now, and it would be epic if we could bring back memories of the Austin vs. McMahon rivalry with Kaitlyn vs. McMahon.”

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