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RAW Has Been Cancelled, Schwarzenegger Confirmed For HOF, Axel Was never Eliminated

Weather Forces RAW To Be Cancelled

Update: RAW will now be some kind of “best of show” from their Stamford HQ, with some Royal Rumble fallout discussion etc

For the first time in WWE history their flagship live RAW event has effectively been cancelled, due to severe weather warnings on the east coast and a subsequent travel ban. The company are now currently scrambling trying to decided what to air tonight on the USA Network, or any potential secondary locations where they can get something done.

Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy said in a press conference that “as important to the world economy as wrestling is, public safety tops it.”

His communications director Tweeted:

It’s likely they’ll still be able to film segments and hash something together, but the arena show from the XL Center in Hartford does not look like it will be going ahead unless a miracle happens.

[Why not show some WWE Network content, like the amazing Shield special? That might just be what Reigns needs because he comes across much better in that than he has on RAW. If they can quickly film some new post-Rumble comments, it could add some more depth to his character at a crucial point.]

So to be clear, RAW will air in some form, but not live from an arena of fans.

This also means the SmackDown tapings are in doubt as well, as the crew won’t be able to travel.

What a bad couple of days!

Arnold Schwarzenegger In WWE HOF

Movie star and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been announced for this year’s celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame. reports:

In the 1980s, Schwarzenegger befriended another future WWE Hall of Famer — Jesse “The Body” Ventura — when the two starred together in both “Predator” and “The Running Man.” Their careers continued to run in parallel as each became United States Governors — Ventura of Minnesota and Schwarzenegger of WrestleMania 31’s home, California.

Arnold’s relationship with WWE continued through the Attitude Era when he appeared on the November 11, 1999 edition of SmackDown. In the ring, WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon presented the action movie icon with a replica WWE Title and named him the “World Box Office Champion.” Later that evening, he helped The Rock, Shane McMahon, Kane & Test defeat the villainous D-Generation X when he slid a steel chair to special enforcer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, who connected with Triple H. Following the bout, Triple H took a swing at Schwarzenegger, who ducked and terminated The Game with a series of vicious fists.

In 2014, Arnold appeared on Raw for the first time to promote his new film “Sabotage,” alongside co-star Joe Manganiello. While they discussed Andre the Giant with Hulk Hogan, The Miz interrupted the festivities, but was slugged across his Moneymaker by Schwarzenegger and sent flying out of the ring by The Hulkster.

A quintessential immigrant success story, Arnold Schwarzenegger has already achieved the American Dream. And now, “The Governator” will be enshrined into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania 31, in the state that he once so proudly led.

Curtis Axel Was Never Eliminated From The Rumble

Technically Curtis Axel was never eliminated from last night’s Royal Rumble, because Rowan attacked him before he could even get in the ring. This will not doubt be built in to a storyline.

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  • Greg Giggie

    I’ve thought for a while now that the entrant needs to bring his ticket to turn into a glorified usher to gain entrance into the Rumble, that way somebody can jump another participant similar to Rowen over Axel & steal their number. Edge’s “ultimate opportunist” character would’ve been perfect to pull it off.

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