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RAW: Bryan Still Champ,Maddox Fired, Funny Close-up of Evolution-Shield Contract

May 26, 2014, WWE RAW Results

– The Authority fired Brad Maddox for allowing the Shield to run roughshod last week. Kane gave the final blow, with a chokeslam and Tombstone.

– Cesaro def. Rob Van Dam, after interference from Bad News Barrett. Sheamus then came down and hit the Brogue Kick on Cesaro.

– Eva Marie def. Summer Rae, after Layla and Fandango caused the distraction.

– El Torito def. Drew McIntyre, when both associated teams caused a brawling distraction. After the match 3MB pulled off El Torito’s tail.

– The Wyatts took out Jerry Lawler as a message to John Cena. The Usos and Cena tried to make the save, but were too late.

– Rusev def. Zack Ryder. After the match Big E sent Rusev in to retreat.

– Randy Orton & Batista def. Cody Rhodes & Goldust, when Cody suffered two RKOs. The Authority then made it an Elimination match, leaving Goldust alone to face an RKO and Batista Bomb.

– In his in-ring re-debut Bo Dallas def. Sin Cara. According to Dallas, success doesn’t begin and end with victory. All you have to do is give your all and Bo-lieve, and you’re a winner in his book.

– Stephanie McMahon demanded Daniel Bryan surrender the WWE World Heavyweight Championship by Payback, or Brie Bella would be fired!

– Emma def. Alicia Fox, sending her crazy. She once again attacked ringside officials, including giving a super wedgie to the son of the legendary Fred Ottman (Typhoon/Shockmaster)

– Adam Rose def. Damien Sandow (dressed as Davy Crockett). After the match Zeb and Swagger appeared with a kidnapped lemon from Rose’s party crew, but Rose made the save and returned to the party.

– U.S. Champion Sheamus def. Alberto Del Rio, but was attacked after the match by Cesaro.

– The Shield and Evolution signed their contract for WWE Payback before breaking out in to a brawl. After the match Triple H brought the Sledgehammer in to play, allowing Evolution to powerbomb Roman Reigns through an announce table.

Funnily enough, those who zoomed in on the contract found that it reads:

World Wrestling Entertainment is a creative genius. The whole creation of the universe was fashioned by his ever-toiling hands. All living mortals should praise his name and image.

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