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RAW Audience Rises, Why Jericho Isn’t Doing Wrestlemania, Ex-Writer Praises Wyatt

RAW Audience Increases Ahead of Wrestlemania

This week’s episode of WWE RAW on the USA Network drew an average audience of 4,391,000 viewers, up from last week’s 4,273,000 number.

The show did hours of 4,231,000 – 4,603,000 – and 4,338,000.

Chris Jericho Wants Top Spot Or Nothing

Chris Jericho told the Boston Herald that he wouldn’t return to WWE at this stage unless they give him a top spot.

If I’m going to be at WrestleMania, it’s going to be in a position that I can sink my teeth into, a position that I think is significant enough for somebody of Y2J’s experience level and notoriety. Looking at the card this year and you see everybody who came back — Brock Lesnar and Undertaker are back, Triple H is back, Batista is back, and it’s the ascension of Daniel Bryan — how many spots are there available for Jericho at this point in time? Even though the shadow of WrestleMania was looming, just to be there is not a reason enough for me to go back. On the last four WrestleManias before last year, I had one of the main events or one of the most prominent matches on the show. Unless I’m going to get that position again, and I’m not saying I’m entitled to it, but if it’s not going to go that way, then it’s just better for me to stay away.

Jericho also discussed working with the younger guys during his last run:

It’s not a choice that I make. I do what my boss tells me to do. So people who said, ‘Well, Jericho just came back to lose to all the young guys,’ well, I really didn’t. I lost a couple prominent matches on pay per view, and suddenly everyone is saying, ‘Well, Jericho is just putting over the young guys.’ That’s not the case. That was never the case. I beat Daniel Bryan last year, no one talks about that. To me, whatever the boss wants, I’ll do it. I know I’m going to make it good, I’m going to make it great, people are still going to like it. But when I felt when I’m getting too much in a rut, when they say, ‘Jericho is here, so he can just put over this guy, this guy, and this guy,’ I was not going to do that. So I went away for a while and we’ll see what happens. Last year, working with Fandango wasn’t my first choice. I wasn’t happy about it at all at first. But either I do it, or I don’t go to WrestleMania. Once Vince makes up his mind, you’re doing it. So I have two choices — go home, or I can make this the best I possibly can and try to get this kid over that no one’s ever seen before.

Wanting to work with Daniel Bryan again:

As a heel Chris Jericho, I’d love to work with Daniel Bryan. We could tear the damn house. That could still happen. A lot of times I’ll hear I could never be a heel again because people like me too much, but put me in the ring with a babyface that is as over as Daniel Bryan and I’ll show you some heel stuff that nobody there is doing right now because no one knows to do it. I requested to work with Cesaro, and we had a 30-minute match in Tokyo last year and killed it. And last year I did one show with NXT and requested to work with Bray Wyatt, and we had a great match. So those are the three guys that I’d like to work with.

Former WWE Writer Praises Bray Wyatt

Former WWE creative writer Andrew Goldstein discussed Bray Wyatt’s improvement in an interview with The Shoot:

My big frustration in the beginning was Bray Wyatt was saying a lot of things but none of it mattered. None of it made sense. None of it meant anything. He put Kane on the shelf and no one really cared because they never explained why. We weren’t getting the why to the Wyatt Family. We were just getting these bizarre promos and bizarre sort of black out moments. We just weren’t getting a reason why they were terrorizing who they were terrorizing and now finally their promos are starting to make sense now because they’re sort of raging against this 10 year fan favorite John Cena establishment. They’re making themselves anti-establishment in their own way.

Goldstein is not a fan of John Cena’s stagnant character however:

In general I think that Cena shtick is so damaging to most storylines he’s in. I like that last week, that go home week to the PPV where they make Cena be serious. I thought the build to both Rock matches were really frustrating to see them both take it in a joking manner as opposed to serious. My big critique of the Cena / Rock build in those promos were like that’s just not how men talk to each other when they have a personal conflict. It was all jokes, quippy one liners and pop culture references when they could have gotten a really intense personal conflict story out there. In terms of Cena with Bray, I don’t think we needed the jokes but it didn’t affect me as much this time because we haven’t anybody approach Bray Wyatt like that yet. It was kinda cool to have Cena verbalize what a lot people sitting at home watching are sort of joking about with Bray Wyatt. I don’t think it hurt the story because he came out last week and was more serious in tone.

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