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More On Punk’s Nagging Injuries, TNA Uploads Punk Footage, Ryback Comments

CM Punk Sick and Nobody Knows Why

CM Punk quitsAs noted earlier today CM Punk has been working through nagging injuries and has always been vocal about the gruelling WWE schedule. This may be part of the reason why he walked away from the company this week. Punk appeared at Comic-Con over the weekend in Portland and said he’s been really sick, but despite regular MRI’s and blood work, doctors don’t know why.

There was also further insight in to his frustrations with the company. He said that Batista’s return was not the right time, because it takes the limelight off the younger stars. For the same reason he also said Sting shouldn’t sign with the company.

TNA Uploads Hours of Free Punk Matches

In light of Punk quitting WWE and Bully Ray issuing him a challenge on Twitter, TNA have now uploaded several hours of free matches and clips from when he wrestled there in 2003-04:

Ryback Tweets About Punk

Ryback continued his crazy Twitter gimmick today mocking CM Punks departure. He wrote:

“I call dibs on GTS, Pepsi Plunge and running knee in corner. I am sure Sheamus will take the rest.”

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