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Punk Starting Podcast, RAW Preview, Russo Contacts Cornette, Triple H Talks NXT Entrances

CM Punk Launching Podcast

CM Punk announced on Twitter that he’s about to launch a podcast.

Tonight’s RAW Hype are hyping the following 5 points for tonight’s RAW:

– Who will join the Intercontinental Title Battle Royal?

– The Authority returns.

– Where does Fandango stand after Layla and Summer Rae became “besties?”

– Is Bray Wyatt inside Y2J’s head?

– Can Reigns coexist with Cena and Dean Ambrose, against The Viper, The Devil’s Favorite Demon and Seth Rollins.

Vince Russo Extends Olive Branch To Jim Cornette

In a humorous exchange on Twitter that even included the official Wendy’s burger chain, Vince Russo attempted to bury the hatchet with Jim Cornette, who wasn’t having any of it.

Triple H On Developing Entrances

In a recent interview with the Miami Herald Triple H discussed developing entrances at NXT:

In the past, we’d give a guy some music, and he goes to the ring. ‘What are you going to do when you come out? I don’t know. I’ll wave to the crowd and go up in the corner and put my hands up.’ That was just what you did. You just figure it out over time.

Now, with the beauty of the [WWE] Performance Center [the state-of-the-art all-purpose training ground for WWE hopefuls], we can step back prior to all that stuff and try to get these guys to a place where a lot of those kinks and things are worked out, so we’re not waiting six months to see that this guy now has a pretty cool entrance. It’s coming out the shoot when he first appears on Raw or SmackDown. He’s already got something really cool. Now, how can we make it even cooler. How can we make it more epic and more big main stage, and how can we make that more worthy of Raw or SmackDown. That’s all part of the process.

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  • Glen Fielding

    Jesus Christ, that LITERALLY the funniest goddamn thing ive EVER read in my life (Russo-Cornette-Wendy’s section)

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