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Punk Signs Removed, Harper Getting Push, Network UK Update, Reigns Back Next Week, 2K15 Career Mode

CM Punk Controversy During RAW

Naturally there were massive CM Punk chants during last night’s RAW from Chicago, so much so that Stephanie responded on camera by calling Punk a quitter and suggesting the audience were also quitters. Punk signs were also removed from fans in the audience.

[I’m of the opinion that if you’re going to publicly address somebody to get heat as part of the show, then you cannot justify removing their signs, and even then it’s still a dick move. WWE need to stop being so paranoid and controlling.]

Jim Ross thinks Punk’s mention on RAW may be a sign of something more:

I wonder what the chance would be to see a CM Punk vs. Brock Lesnar WM31 WWE Title Bout? Stranger things have happened and that pairing would guarantee WWE a ton of new subscribers and likely ignite the PPV marketplace as well. Communication and money solve many ills and that would be a terrific main event considering that as it stands today WWE has major work to do in assembling what looks to be more of an ensemble card than one that is one or two main event heavy at this time. I’m sure that I’m not alone in wanting to see a Lesnar-Punk headliner at WM31 because it equates to big money for all involved.

Luke Harper Getting Singles Push

Judging from RAW Luke Harper is currently in line for a singles push. What this means for the Wyatts as a whole is unclear, but the obvious speculation is that they’ll be split up by Wrestlemania.

As for Bray Wyatt’s cryptic Tweet about a “Scorpion”, nothing related happened on RAW, and certainly nothing to do with Sting. It may not have had any deeper meaning.

In other Wyatt news, their theme song producer Mark Crozer has teamed with rapper Consequence to make another Wyatt inspired song called “The Whole World”:

WWE Network Delayed In UK

WWE have delayed the launch of the WWE Network from October 1st, to November 1st in the UK. In a statement the company say this is due to ongoing “discussions with potential partners.”

While this may have something to do with the Network getting a TV channel like in Canada, Sky say it has nothing to do with them as their WWE deal still has years left and they will still be offering PPVs in the traditional way (some on the Sky Sports package and some as full on PPVs on Sky Box Office).

“Partners” could mean anything, including advertisers or marketing.

Roman Reigns To Address Audience

WWE will air an interview with injured Roman Reigns on next week’s RAW. It’s not clear if he’ll be in the building, involved in a pre-tape from home or a possibly satellite link-up. He is months off from being physically cleared to wrestle.

Official WWE 2K15 My Career Mode Details

2K Sports have issued an official press release detailing the WWE 2K15 My Career mode, which is available only on the PS4 and Xbox One versions:

2K today announced additional details for MyCareer in WWE® 2K15, the forthcoming release in the flagship WWE video game franchise. Making its debut as the first comprehensive, career-driven mode in WWE games history, MyCareer will take players through the life of a prospective WWE Superstar, allowing them to experience the journey of being a rookie and working toward the ultimate goal of winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Players will begin MyCareer by taking characters they create in WWE 2K15’s Creation Suite to the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. While there, they will be trained by former WWE Superstar and WWE Performance Center head coach Bill DeMott, as they navigate a series of objectives. Successful completion of the objectives will lead players to compete at NXT, WWE’s developmental system for rising young talent, where they will continue with matches and new objectives. At NXT, they will encounter a roster of new and future WWE Superstars, including Rusev, Bo Dallas, Adrian Neville, Sami Zayn and Corey Graves, all of whom will also be available as playable characters.

After mastering their skills in NXT, players will move up to WWE’s main roster, where General Manager Vickie Guerrero will set matches and keep her Superstars focused through ultimatums designed to gain bonus rewards. Players will develop alliances and rivalries while competing to win spots on WWE pay-per-view events and flagship shows like Monday Night Raw® and SmackDown®. They will also compete for the United States Championship and Intercontinental Championship. Successful players will make their way to SummerSlam® and WrestleMania®, where the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be on the line as the top MyCareer prize.

Decisions made throughout the WWE developmental process, including alliances, rivalries and social media interactions, will impact player personality traits and crowd reactions. As players progress throughout the mode, they will also have opportunities in-game to upgrade their attributes, acquire new abilities, skills and moves, earn new clothing and unlock managers. These decisions, along with a player’s win/loss record, will lead to multiple branching storylines, surprises, twists and turns that offer significant replay value to explore different career paths.

“MyCareer is a mode beloved by our NBA 2K fans and is a perfect fit for WWE 2K15,” said Greg Thomas, President at Visual Concepts. “We are eager to deliver a comprehensive career mode experience for the first time and consider its inclusion a critical step forward for the franchise.”

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