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Punk Mad At Leaked Photo, Miz’s Make-up Artist, Jake Update, Jey Uso Injured?

CM Punk Upset At Leaked Wedding Photo

CM Punk is none too pleased that somebody who attended his wedding to AJ Lee posted a photo online. Judging from the fact that no other photos have surfaced, it’s clear that he wanted it kept as a private affair.

Punk Tweeted: “Tweet that pic and I block you. Simple. And I block you because I can’t punch you in your disrespectful f***ing face. Pigs.”

Identity of The Miz’s Make-up Artist From RAW

The Miz’s make-up artist from RAW was independent star Sarah “Crazy Mary Dobson” Bridges, who is known for being one of the few females to do death matches:

Jake Roberts making progress

Sinn Bodhi gave the following update on Jake Roberts’ progress:

UPDATE on Jake the Snake Roberts: Jake is making progress on his breathing treatments quicker then expected! Hopefully be off ventilator in a couple days… He’s resilient! Today when he was awake I joked with the doctors & asked if they could give him fake boobs or at least a face transplant… Jake smiled & gave me the finger lol Which means he’s feeling better! ?#?FeelBetterJake?

WWE Say Jey Uso Injured is reporting that Jey Uso injured his knee during RAW, officially diagnosed as “stretched ligaments” by Dr. Chris Amann. This does not appear to be a storyline:

This evening during [Jimmy Uso’s match with Goldust, Jey] sustained forceful, direct blunt trauma to his left knee with a chair [strike] to the knee while his leg was wrapped around the ring post. We brought him back to the training room and took a look at his knee. All the external ligaments seem to be intact, but we’re worried about internal ligament damage as well as possible fractures, so we’ve set him up for further evaluations with X-rays and an MRI.

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