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Punk Calls Wrestling Fake, Khali Not Returning, Lilian Injured, WWE Lawsuits Update

CM Punk Getting Heat

CM Punk is getting heat online for calling wrestling the dreaded “fake” word. He told Sports Illustrated:

In pro wrestling, it’s fake. People always get offended by that word. ‘No, we like to say it’s pre-determined.’ For whatever reason, people get angry at fake; pre-determined eases the blow? It’s fake. At the end of the day it doesn’t really mean anything. So after a while, it was, ‘Let’s just really fight and see what happens.’ Now I get to.

I’ve always been surrounded by guys who talked about it. Half of them talk about it; none of them do it. They have their little comfortable safety net doing WWE stuff, I guess. I would much rather give it a shot than just talk about it.

WWE Denies Khali Return

Unless you didn’t realize, the recent press from India about Khali returning to WWE was either Khali himself just pandering, or the outlets making things up. WWE have denied that he’s coming back to the company in a statement to the Wrestling Observer.

Lilian Injures Knee

WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia recently underwent surgery for a torn meniscus in her right knee. JoJo has taken over he duties on the overseas tour.

WWE Lawyer Responds To Lawsuits

WWE’s lawyer Jerry McDevitt responded to TMZ about the increasing number of concussion lawsuits being filed against WWE:

He said WWE is “being targeted by attorneys who tell them there’s hundreds of thousands of dollars they can make by joining a class action suit like this.”

“We know these claims are fraudulent, and will fight them. It’s sensational, but if you really look at…what was done specifically to them? There are almost no details as to what they actually suffered as a result of working with WWE.”

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