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Praise For Punk & HBK, Nikki Busted Open, Rock Turns Down Austin

Austin and JR Praise Michaels & CM Punk Segment

Shawn Michaels CM Punk

Both Steve Austin and Jim Ross Tweeted praise for the Shawn Michaels and CM Punk segment from last night’s RAW. Austin wrote:

“Excellent promo w @ShawnMichaels and @CMPunk. Shawn damn near lost it. Great stuff. #igottacarwaitingforme”

JR Tweeted:
“Great seeing @ShawnMichaels in ring w/ @CMPunk on #WWERAW. Nice surprise. THIS is good verbal content. Nice, @RockyGear HBK!”

Nikki Bella Busted Open By Tamina’s Kick

The reason why Nikki Bella wouldn’t remove her hand from her mouth after Tamina’s kick on RAW was because she was legit busted open and didn’t want the cameras to pick it up. After the show she posted the following on Instagram:

Brie Bella Blood

The Rock Turns Down Podcast Invite?

It would appear that The Rock either turned down or failed to respond to Steve Austin’s recent Podcast invite. When a fan asked about it on Twitter, Austin said he: “Never accepted the invite.”

Chris Jericho is now on the same Podcast network as Austin, and Jim Ross is negotiating his own show as well.

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  • Maar

    I watched Shawn lately and I wonder who is responsible for Shawn Michaels´s wardrobe? The three rednecks who call themselves The Wyatt Family? It sure looks like it. If so, maybe he should also try Erick Rowan´s clothes. :)

  • Jorge Parra

    By Brie you mean Nikki right?

    • Keelan Balderson

      You’re right, I could have sworn it was Brie.


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