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Praise For Final RAW Segment, Lita Interview, Jim Cornette Kickstarter Campaign

Jim Ross Praises Daniel Bryan’s Turn On RAW

JR wrote the following on Twitter following last night’s RAW:

“A viable argument can be made that @WWEDanielBryan is the hottest talent in @WWE….by far. #wweraw”

“Bravo to @WWE re: the closing moments of #wweraw @WWEDanielBryan was white hot going off the air. Austin-esque. Big connection w/ fans.”

Lita On Inspiring Young Girls

In a recent Q&A with Lita on the former WWE Diva discussed young girls looking up to her during her WWE run:

“That is probably my proudest accomplishment. While it is flattering when people say they want to grow up to be a wrestler because of me, I can appreciate and feel honor in that. However, it gives me the most joy when someone says that they were inspired by me to be them. I have pretty specific, quirky interests. I can enjoy talking with people who share similar interests with me, but what is far more attractive is someone knowing who they are. My whole life I have drawn inspiration from things so far removed from the events they actually inspired, but I think that’s important. To find inspiration and drive in things you see and experience in life, but use those things not to copy or emulate, but to just be that little push or fire to give make you want to set out whatever is in your heart.”

A Corny In The UK Kickstarter

A Kickstarter campaign has been launched to document Jim Cornette’s upcoming tour of the UK.

Everything in wrestling nowadays seems to be about 24/7 access. So the question is: what happens if you take one of the world’s most outspoken wrestling stars, put him in a foreign country, fill his schedule up with show from London to Scotland for two weeks and stick cameras on him for the whole thing? A-Corny in the UK. ‘The Jim Cornette Experience’ is about to go to the next level and now wrestling fans can help to make it happen via Kickstarter.

We are not just talking about recording Jim’s live shows from his history making UK tour here. Rather we intend to stick cameras on the dashboard of his car, take our cameras each time he goes to eat (we know what happened last time someone did that in the US, right), follow him around the country as he goes on sightseeing jaunts and experiences the uniqueness of British culture. Plus of course loads of behind the scenes footage both before and after his monumental UK shows. Hell, we will even give him a camera before he even leaves the US to watch as he gets over his fear of flying. Short of watching him on the can, we intend to record EVERYTHING!!!

To encourage fans to donate Jim is offering a list of perks designed to be so appealing to his fans, they even include a trip for two to Louisville, Kentucky to spend a day with Jim himself at Castle Cornette!

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