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Piper vs Hogan Wrestlemania Update, Cole Off SmackDown, RAW Live In Australia

Roddy Piper Thinks He And Hogan Can Pull It Off

Roddy Piper Hulk Hogan

Roddy Piper who was a guest on Steve Austin’s latest podcast continues to hint at a match between himself and Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania:

“This is WrestleMania 30. I’ve pinned Hogan once and he’s never pinned me. From a fan’s perspective, and WWE Universe and Vince, it never had closure. The business that would be done, the interviews and stuff would be coming from the heart. We could try to outraise the bar of the WWE entertainment machine in our sport, if they let us go toe to toe and don’t script us. The fans will see really how it got started and why, and then they’ll see the conclusion. They are asking can I get in shape. I am already in shape! They are asking Hogan. But there is a fear, I guess, of whether we can pull off the performance.”

While some kind of segment or angle could potentially be worked out, it would seem unlikely that either man could pass WWE’s physical testing to have a proper match. That of course could be bypassed for a one off, carefully executed match, but neither man can realistically take a bump.

Michael Cole Misses SmackDown

Michael Cole missed this week’s SmackDown taping for an undisclosed reason. Josh Mathews took his place.

RAW Going Live In Australia

FOX8 in Australia noted on Twitter that they will now be broadcasting RAW live each week instead of on delay. The new schedule will begin on February 4th.

Due to the massive time difference, this means Aussies will get the show on Tuesdays at midday, so it’s still not perfect for everyone.

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  • Kent Walker

    better to get the wrestling on tuesday instead of wednesday like we have now, was a pain getting results before i seen the show

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