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Physical WWE Hall of Fame Illustration, Sting Replaces Flair In UK, Scott Norton Update

Artist Does Mock Physical WWE Hall of Fame

WWE Magazine commissioned Rod Hunt to imagine what the WWE Hall of Fame might look like. The illustration included tributes to the stars of WWE including The Hall of Hogan, The Heartbreak Kid Hotel, Life Size Andre the Giant, Booker T’s Spinarooni, Jerry Lawler’s and Triple H’s Throne Room, Junkyard Dog & Mad Dog Vachon’s Dog Pound, The Hart Family Dungeon and much more.

Go to for a closer look.

Sting Making UK Appearances To Replace Ric Flair

Confirming that Ric Flair has re-signed with WWE and Sting has yet to put pen to paper, Sting will be replacing Flair for appearances in the UK.

Revolution Pro Wrestling originally booked the Nature Boy to appear on March 14, and March 15, but because he’s signed with WWE he can no longer do outside bookings.

Sting has stepped in for both dates.

Scott Norton Where Are they Now?

Scott recently caught up with former WCW and NJPW star Scott Norton in their Where Are The Now series.

Norton, who currently lives in Houston with his wife, is writing a book titled, Scott Norton: Strong Style. He told the website:

I’m staying active. I have this crazy idea that one of these days, I’ll be back in the ring. It’s been a nice transition out of wrestling, but I really want to get more involved in the business. It’s in my blood.

Norton was well respected and known as a legit tough guy backstage.

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