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Photo: Undertaker On Charity Run, RVD Will Be Back, Curt Hawkins Shoots, New Michael Hayes Song

The Undertaker Runs Marathon

The Undertaker and Michelle McCool ran the recent CC4C Micro Marathon 4 Inspiration in Texas, which helped raise money for sick children with undiagnosed conditions. Here is a photo:

RVD Says He’ll Be Back With WWE

Much like his last departure RVD is still set to return to WWE for another short run. He told the Roman Show:

I doubt I’ll wrestle before I go back to WWE. If it does happen, maybe if it’s a good business deal or more likely doing a favor for a friend or something. But I’ll most likely wait until I’m back in the WWE. Right now I have the privilege of coming and going as I please… I come to them when I’m ready, [we talk about] how long the contract will be and there’s no pattern to it.

Curt Hawkins Shoot Interview Preview

Here is a preview clip for former WWE star Curt Hawkins’ recent shoot interview with RF Video:

Michael Hayes Releases Political Song

WWE writer Michael Hayes has released a new song protesting against the idea that children are prevented from praying in school. “Why Can’t the Children Pray in School?” can be purchased for $0.99 on iTunes.

If the kids want pray why stop them? This is America right? Let’ get to acting like it again!

I was told NOT To release the “Why Can’t the Children Pray in School” song,Until THEY told me to!!!…AVAILABLE!!!!! U want a better one? Record company said what R U doing? I said, what I want!!

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  • Greg Giggie

    separation of church & state man, it’s that simple. That being said I was upset as a teenager when he was “Doc Hendrix” for all those years rather than cashing in on his PS Hayes, that was stupid.

  • student of everything

    First of all, there is no such wording of “separation of church and state” in ANY United States governing paperwork… the US Constitution DOES say that the government will not “establish a [national] religion or infringe upon any citizens their rights to express their religion (so long as that religion does not infringe on any other person’s rights). This is a common misconception that people love to run to any time the idea of religion (more specifically, Christianity) is brought up. I will also say that, under many – if not most – states, students CAN pray (on behalf of whichever religion they believe), but some states do have legislation barring faculty/staff to LEAD the prayer – the students are free to lead their own… again, so long as it does not infringe up on anyone else’s rights. (and by “rights”, I mean those guaranteed under the US Constitution, not just because some PC Police want to cry “I’m offended”.
    Having said all that, I do agree with the “Dok Hendricks” gimmick… kind of a cool mash-up of a name (in theory) but WWE and Hayes really should have stayed true to his roots and worked closer to the PS gimmick… if the name “Nature Boy” is still good enough for Ric Flair, you would think Hayes could certainly still be “PS” !! right??

  • Greg Giggie

    It’s not in the constitution, but it’s a philosophy that has definitely been followed in politics at least since I was a kid in the 80’s. They don’t do the pledge of allegiance anymore in (most) schools because of the “under god” portion which crosses religion & a state institution for example. I didn’t say it was a law, it’s PC at it’s over sensitive worst to avoid controversy & conflict, but still undeniably happens, like bullsh*t happy holidays cards because some people don’t celebrate Christmas & the other way around, Merry Christmas actually offending some people, but whatever frankly. McMahon always needed to rebrand people whenever possible; Lex Luger was the Narcissist & then super Patriotic not “Total Package”, Road Warriors were the Legion of Doom (the name of the super group that they were a part of in the NWA) etc. Flair is one of the few that stayed truly the same. Even his own guys weren’t safe; Tito Santana added “El Matador” Ricky “the dragon” started actually dressing as a dragon & spitting fire etc. Cool talking wrestling with you, catch you later.

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