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Photo of Masters Dressed As Warrior, AT&T Drop WWE PPVs? New Network Shows

Picture of Chris Masters In Warrior Paint

As previously noted, Chris Masters worked a UK event over the weekend and dressed as Warrior. Here is a fan photo:

Another Provider Drops Extreme Rules

AT&T U-verse are the latest provider to drop Extreme Rules in the US. DirecTV and Dish Network have also dropped the event, which will air live on the WWE Network.

It is not so much that the providers won’t still be making money offering the events, it is literally a political move to punish WWE for launching the Network. They are deliberately throwing money away in protest.

WWE Announces New Network Shows notes that the following new programming will be added to the Network by the end of the year:

WWE Tribute to the Troops 2014

The Monday Night War
WWE Total Divas
WWE Rivalries

WCW Clash of the Champions
WWE Saturday Morning Slam
Rock n’ Wrestling (tentative)
WWE Saturday Night’s Main Event
WCW Nitro
Vault Specials

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