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Petey Williams Retiring From Pro Wrestling

Former TNA X-Division star Petey Williams has announced his retirement from pro wrestling on Twitter. The 32 year old Canadian will have his last match tonight against close friend Chris Sabin, for the XICW promotion in Detroit.

The master of the Canadian Destroyer also noted that he recently had a medical emergency, though it’s not clear if this has anything to do with his retirement.

Petey Williams Scott D'AmoreIt’s fitting that Petey’s last match would be against Chris Sabin as the two came up together in the early 2000s for Scott D’Amore’s Border City Wrestling group in Ontario.

Williams is best known for his run in TNA from 2004 to 2009. He debuted in Team Canada for the World X Cup Tournament, which eventually developed in to one of the top stables in the company, with D’Amore at the helm and the likes of Bobby Roode, Eric Young and Johnny Devine making up the core membership.

Williams became one of the mainstays of the X-Division, holding the belt 2 times, winning one Ultimate X match, and popularizing the devastating looking Canadian Destroyer move.

Little Petey Pump

Little Petey PumpAs 2007 rolled around and TNA had acquired several former WWE and WCW stars, a creative shift in the programming seemed to reduce the emphasis on the X-Division. Petey’s character morphed from simply being a talented wrestler, and became focussed on his real life hobby of bodybuilding.

He would first go by the name Maple Leaf Muscle, often working out during his promos, but eventually he would be taken under the wing of Scott Steiner and dubbed “Little Petey Pump”. In a bizarre initiation Steiner would clamp his nipples with electrical wires to torture him.

Though he would keep the Steiner look, by the end of 2008 he joined the Frontline (a faction of younger stars and TNA originals) to feud with the Main Event Mafia (which included Scott Steiner and other stars of the past). A few months in, TNA allowed his contract to expire and he returned to the independents in American and Canada. For the first time he had an extended run in ROH, and also made semi-regular appearances for Lucha Libre USA.

Final TNA Run

Petey would have a brief return to TNA in 2013 as part of the One Night Only: X-Travaganza special. He also appeared on IMPACT on March 28, for what was hyped as the return of the X-Division. New rules stated that every non-title bout had to be a 3 way. Although he received a title shot on April 18, he lost to Kenny King, and would not gain the traction he once had. By the Summer TNA had dropped the new concept altogether and financial cuts led to many of the X Division’s stars not being booked or getting released.

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