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Paul Heyman Stands By CM Punk, Kamala Hospitalized, Who Rollins Wants In WWE

Paul Heyman Praises Punk On ECW Special

During the ECW Exposed special following Monday’s RAW on the WWE Network, Paul Heyman spent several minutes talking about CM Punk. He reiterated that when WWE relaunched ECW in 2006 he wanted the entire show built around Punk as the main star.

When this was brought up on Twitter Heyman responded: “I praised CM Punk live on RAW in Chicago when he and WWE had just parted ways. Best In The World Now, Then, 4ever!”

Kamala Has Stomach Infection

Wrestling legend Kamala has been hospitalized with a case of peritonitis which is a stomach infection that can spread around the body if untreated. In causes severe pain and sickness.

He had emergency surgery and is currently still in hospital recovering.

We wish him a speedy recovery.

Rollins Wants Young Bucks In WWE

In a recent interview with the UK Sun Seth Rollins says he’d like to see WWE sign the Young Bucks, who are tearing it up in Japan and the independents and previously worked as Generation ME in TNA.

“I know that they’re a long shot, but they are one of the best acts in all of pro wrestling and I think they might be able to put a little spark in to the WWE tag division.”

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