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Outlaws Copied Bad Influence? Konnan Rips EC3, Angle India Pic

New Age Outlaws Channel TNA Tag Team

The New Age Outlaws had the same idea as TNA’s Bad Influence when they donned the same suits as the characters from Dumb and Dumber at the Slammys. It’s not clear if they copied the idea directly from Kaz and Daniels, but they were all once buddies in TNA, so it’s possible.

Daniels Tweeted:
“Great minds think alike. So do great teams.”

Konnan Says EC3 isn’t a star

Former WCW star and AAA booker Konnan had some blunt words for TNA’s EC3 recently on Twitter. He wrote:

“u couldnt be a star if u were thrown by a Ninja.#BOOM”

Kurt Angle On Top Indian TV Show

Kurt Angle was shown on a top Indian TV show during his recent media tour along with Gail Kim. TNA president Dixie Carter Tweeted:

“Check out @RealKurtAngle as he wows India on the #1 rated TV show Baal Veer”

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  • ReallyPeople?

    all of them are copying Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels in Dumb and Dumber, so what does it even matter? Bad Influence wasn’t the originator, as I have seen this on many occasions, even my high school prom…

    • Keelan Balderson

      It doesn’t matter, it’s just interesting

      • ReallyPeople?

        true i guess… I wasn’t criticizing the story as much as hinting at the vast scale this is done on…

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