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Orton Retains At Elimination Chamber: Mick Foley Not Happy, Dolphins’ Predictions

Once again fans went in to a WWE PPV holding out hope that Daniel Bryan would rebound against his oppressors and get that golden YES moment with the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. However thanks to Kane’s interference, it is Randy Orton who counties on to Wrestlemania to defend against Batista. Those in attendance made it clear that they do not want this, but as of now it looks like Daniel Bryan will get Kane at Wrestlemania, or may even move up the ranks to face Triple, which was rumored to be CM Punk’s match before he walked out. Here’s how the PPV went down:

– Goldust & Cody Rhodes def. Curtis Axel and Ryback (with Larry “The Axe” Hennig), when Cody hit the Cross Rhodes on Axel.

– Big E (c) def. Jack Swagger (Intercontinental Championship Match), with the Big Ending.

– The New Age Outlaws (c) def. The Usos (WWE Tag Team Championship Match), after Gunn rolled up Jimmy Uso for the win.

– Titus O’Neil def. Darren Young, with Clash of the Titus.

– The Wyatt Family def. The Shield, after Bray hit Sister Abigail on Reigns.

– AJ Lee (c) def. Cameron (Divas Championship Match).

– Batista def. Alberto Del Rio, with the Batista Bomb.

– WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton def. Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Sheamus, Cesaro & Christian in an Elimination Chamber Match:

Sheamus and Cesaro kicked things off. Bryan was then first out of the pod, followed by Christian, John Cena, and finally Orton.

Christian eliminated Sheamus with a Frog Splash.
Daniel Bryan eliminated Christian with a Running Knee.
Cena eliminated Cesaro with the STF.

Bray Wyatt interfered allowing Orton to pin Cena.

Kane interfered allowing Orton to win the match with an RKO.

Mick Foley Unhappy After PPV

Mick Foley Tweeted the following after the PPV. He’d previously pleaded with WWE in a open letter to have a good show.

What story do these pictures – the faces of WWE fans at the end of The Elimination Chamber – tell you? There’s still time to turn this ship around, but I’m not sure these particular passengers will still be on board when/if it does.

The ending to #WWEChamber was probably #NotBestForBusiness for my #wrestlemaniadreamvacation raffle for @RAINN01

Konnan Calls Chamber A Rip Off

Former WCW star Konnan was also not a fan of the PPV, calling it a rip off on Twitter:

Today i was reminded why i dont watch WWE PPV’s, feel sorry for those who pay..#RippedOff

Bad finish in the Usos match, they are over with da fans..Shield/Wyatts match very good, great camerwork at the end..Whichever Funkadactyl wrestled AJ, still sucks..Match had about as much heat as an icecube in a freezer in da northpole..Wow, Batista has turned ADR babyface,they hate him..Fans have chanted CM Punk, Bryan. & even Lesner & Y2J during da match..

Wow, how many different ways are there to f–k Daniel Bryan? #Incredible.

Results Leaker Right Again

Reddit user Dolphins1925 was once again correct in his PPV predictions, although he did say it was Ambrose who would be pinned in the 6-man.

His identity and the identity of his source is still unknown.

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  • Ellsworth Allah

    it didn’t sound that bad to me n konnan was a piece of shit

  • Ellsworth Allah

    why r we seein rey mysterio n not yu konnan lmaoooo

  • Tony Neverheat Pesonen

    Shield vs Wyatts stole the show, like I thought it would. Very good match in todays standards :) clash of the titus was good and the german suplex for cena while he held bryan was fresh, I liked that. And points for taking the fuckyou move on the steel, that hurts. Rest of the show, nothing special really…

  • Paul

    It’s an open secret that Orton would face Batista in Wrestlemania. When was the last time the title changed hands during a February PPV? I only watched for the Shields vs. Wyatts match. I thought Ambrose would turn on the Shield or get pinned, but it didn’t happen.

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