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Orton and Bo Dallas Return, Glory Contacts Goldberg, Chyna’s Marriage Proposals, Wrestlers On Larry King

Randy Orton and Bo Dallas At House Show

Both Randy Orton and Bo Dallas returned to action last night at WWE’s house show from the Maverik Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

A babyface Orton defeated Kane, and Bo Dallas was back to his usual self, cutting a promo on Sin Cara before losing against him.

When they’ll show up on TV is not yet known, but RAW is an obvious bet.

Goldberg To Glory Kickboxing?

The Glory Kickboxing promotion has contacted Goldberg after news emerged that he’s training in MMA. There is no word on if he actually wants to have competitive fights, but Glory clearly see dollar signs.

Japanese Men After Chyna

Chyna revealed in a recent video that she’s received several marriage proposals from Japanese men. She’s currently living in Tokyo and teaching English:

DDP, Jake & Hall On Larry King

Prior to being hospitalized DDP, Jake Roberts and Scott Hall appeared on Larry King to discuss the Resurrection of Jake the Snake documentary.

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