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Original Sin Cara Makes Angry Tweet, Shane McMahon Files Huge Lawsuit, Nikki Wears Cena’s Shirt

Original Sin Cara Tweets Stephanie and Triple H

In what has since been deleted, the original Sin Cara made an angry Tweet to Stephanie McMahon and Triple H after they shared photos of “Hunico-cara” with Scooby Doo the other day.

The original Sin Cara gave his voice to the animated Wrestlemania Mystery DVD and called Hunico “FRAUDE FRAUDE” for filling the role.

Shane McMahon Suing After Penthouse Leak

Shane McMahon and his wife Marissa have filed a massive $50 million lawsuit after their luxury penthouse suffered leaks, which they claim resulted in toxic mould giving their family respiratory illnesses.

The complaint targets their building, the Cobblestone Lofts at 28 Laight Street, NY; its managing agent, the Andrews Organization and several yet-to-be-identified design firms and construction organizations.

“The McMahons have been forced to evacuate … and incur monthly living expenses of approximately $15,000 at a rental apartment,” the complaint reads. They will not be able to return to their home “until the deficient conditions that have caused and will continue to cause damage related to water penetration and infiltration into [the home] are remedied.”

The McMahons’ penthouse, Unit PHS, was tacked on top of the then-six story building around 2001, according to the documents. Among the alleged defects caused by the claimed shoddy work are a deficient roof, metal siding in poor condition and an aluminum and glass wall that’s in bad shape. The plaintiffs claim that they discovered the issues at an unspecified date after they moved in, and that they gave the condo and Andrews timely notice of issues, but received no response. Moreover, the McMahons claim that the building, its managers and the firms who added the penthouse turned a blind eye to the work performed.

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Nikki Bella “Wearing” John Cena’s New T-Shirt

Nikki Bella posted a photo of herself on Instagram wearing John Cena’s new T-Shirt:

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