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Old RAW Script Online, Christian A Father, JR On Zack Ryder’s Role

Attitude Era RAW Script Leaked Online

A fan whose father was working backstage at the Bryce Jordan Center in State College, Pennsylvania, on September 25, 2000, has leaked the script from RAW that night. This was RAW’s first episode after moving from USA to TNN and featured the return of Steve Austin after his storyline hit and run, which would later be blamed on Rikishi (“I did it for The Rock”). The show also featured a WWF Championship bout, with The Rock defending against Chris Benoit.

For more details check out the Reddit Thread.

Christian Father of Baby Girl

Christian WWE RAWCongrats to WWE star Christian who revealed during RAW last night that he recently became the father of a baby girl. Here’s what he said on the WWE App:

“It’s been kind of a rough go since I was taken out of action a few months back by The Shield, which I haven’t forgotten yet. I had a pretty bad concussion. I had some recurring concussion symptoms and things like that. A lot of stuff going on in my life. Actually, I don’t talk about my personal life all that too much, I’ll do it this one time only, some breaking news here on the App. It’s a blessing in disguise that I got to be home because I welcomed my first child. Had a baby girl, so I was pretty happy about that. And that’s the last time you’ll ever hear me talk about my personal life.”

JR Says Zack Ryder Is Supposed To Be A Jobber

In his latest Q&A former WWE announcer Jim Ross said Zack Ryder is supposed to be a jobber, because that’s how his character is cast:

“Why does Ryder have to have done something wrong to be in the creative role that he’s been currently cast. Remember, it’s an entertainment show and men and women have TV personas that they have been cast. Hopefully, for you and other Ryder fans, he will be cast differently. I don’t think enough fans take Ryder seriously enough. At times he’s too comedic.”

JR also recently updated his blog and discussed the locations of upcoming Wrestlemanias:

WM31 coming to the Bay Area feels like a great call for WWE in 2015. New stadium, great metropolitan area from which to draw and some great venues in the area in which to produce RAW and Smackdown following the event. Plus, there are multiple airports in which to fly into and ample hotels throughout the area.

If the rumors are true that WM32 is going to emanate from Arlington, Texas and the home of the Dallas Cowboys, that will be a great ‘get’ as well. WWE could theoretically pack AT&T Stadium with north of 100,000 fans if the attractions are well planned and viable enough.

Another positive point about the Dallas metroplex event, if it happens in 2016, is that it gives WWE more promotional time to plan something very special and it also gives WWE creative folks and others time to put some ‘dream bouts’ or scenarios on the drawing board and build to them. With Dallas being an American Airlines and Southwest Airlines hub, that too adds to the positives.

I have written here many times throughout the years that IF Undertaker was going to have his last match that it should be the focal point of a WrestleMania and that it should come from his home state of Texas in the biggest celebration possible and that the venue should be Jerry’s World. (As in Jerry Jones and not Jerry Lawler.)

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