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NXT Stars Close To Main Roster, Is Rusev A Heel? Finn Balor Watches TNA, Lucha Underground

Several NXT Stars Close To Promotion

WWE are slowly introducing several NXT stars to the main roster, and it seems they’re going with the drip-feed formula, instead of officially debuting them out of nowhere. Sami Zayn for example was featured on last night’s Main Event on the network, losing to a cheating Tyson Kidd. The Ascension have previously appeared on Main Event.

Meanwhile in dark matches at the tapings The Ascension defeated two local jobbers, and Adrian Neville defeated Fandango.

Is Rusev Really A Heel?

Jim Ross raised an interesting point in his latest blog, about whether Rusev is really a heel:

It’s interesting as to why WWE apparently feels Rusev should be booed….apparently only because he’s Russian. The powerhouse rarely cheats, is a patriot to his native land, is a beast, isn’t a coward, and has not lost via pin or submission. What is there among those items that I am supposed to dislike? The nationalistic storylines can still work but the ‘foreigner’ still has to have heel tendencies and nuances.

Finn Balor Watches As Much Wrestling As Possible

In a recent interview with Wrestling 101 Finn Balor discussed how he would always watch as much TNA and WWE as possible while on the independents:

I used to Sky+ WWE and TNA shows when I was away and would always try to catch up when I got back home and I thought NXT was the best show on television. A couple of my really good friends Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn were already there so I enjoyed seeing how they were doing. NXT out of any wrestling show definitely has the most actual in ring wrestling per hour, you get a good four matches in that time which is brilliant. It was great seeing Paige win the NXT Women’s title and now on the main roster working with AJ Lee for the Divas Title – I’ve known her brother for a long time.

Lucha Underground Preview

The second episode of Lucha Underground airs tonight on the El Rey Network. If you have yet to see the product you really should go out of your way to give it a look. It has a very unique presentation, very different to the same old WWE and TNA format.

Tonight features:

– Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma vs. Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro.

– Sexy Star vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Ivelisse vs. Son of Havoc.

– Blue Demon Jr. vs. Mil Muertes (w/Catrina).

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