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NXT Star In Rumble? JR On Punk vs Bryan, Orton Inspired Cody

Corey Graves Debuting At Royal Rumble?

NXT star Corey Graves seemed to tease on Twitter that he may make his main roster debut at the Royal Rumble:

“The #RoyalRumble is next month in Pittsburgh. I haven’t been home in years…hmmm.”

Punk vs Bryan At Wrestlemania?

CM Punk Daniel Bryan

Jim Ross updated the Q&A section of and gave his thoughts on CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania:

“On the surface, yes, but it’s all about the presentation and the reason for them wrestling. It’s unlikely to occur but I have no idea of the WM30 card.”

JR also discussed the idea of Seth Rollins fading away if the Shield broke up:

“It doesn’t concern me what ‘many people’ say regarding Seth Rollins. He’s a great talent who will have a significant run on his own when the time is right.”

Randy Orton Inspired Cody Rhodes To Wrestle

In a recent interview with Cody Rhodes said it was Randy Orton who inspired him to wrestle:

“I kind of thought that I was too small to be in sports entertainment. I didn’t know if I was going to have the size, so I thought, ‘Well if I can’t be in sports entertainment, I’ll be in entertainment’ … movies and such.”

“I went to Hollywood and I got myself into an acting studio out there, but the whole time I was out there — everybody day dreams and has goals — I was thinking, ‘Well as soon as I hit it big here, it won’t matter if I don’t have the size or not, I can go to the WWE.’”

“It was the absolute backward way of thinking. (After) 10 months of that, I realized that, watching different second- and third-generation (wrestlers), specifically Randy Orton, on TV, I thought, ‘He had a father who really made a mark for himself and he has no fear of that and I shouldn’t either.’”

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