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NXT Star Getting Gay Gimmick? Heath Slater Returns, More Post Rumble Fan Footage

Kalisto Being Repackaged?

According to WWE insider MetsFan4Ever on Reddit WWE are considering repackaging Lucha star Kalisto as a gay hairdresser. He has already tried out the gear and reportedly impressed management with how he got in to the role.

Quite how a homosexual stereotype helps the company, I have no idea. They probably think they’re being progressive.

Here’s a thought, how about having a normal gimmick where the wrestler just happens to be gay and it has no baring on anything? It doesn’t have to be hyped in the media for browny points like Darren Young, nor an integral part of the gimmick (like this hairdresser).

Heath Slater Back In The Ring

As reported a few weeks back the assault charges filed against Heath Slater have been dropped because the statute of limitations has expired. He returned to action in a losing effort to Luke Harper, at yesterday’s tapings. It was the dark match however so won’t be shown on TV.

Video of Fans Being Morons

As noted at the time, there was some commotion following the Royal Rumble with a handful of fans who decided to block the wrestlers as they left the arena. Here’s some new footage, including the moron on the chair, who would go on to crack it against The Usos vehicle. Unfortunately that crime was not captured on camera, but we can see his friend yelling nonsensically.

It should be noted that despite the booing during the show these actions were not reminiscent of the vast majority of people, and fans usually greet wrestlers after the show in an amicable way.

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  • ReallyPeople?

    That’s reigns in that car… Also, WWE has already had 1 “gay hairdresser” gimmick- Rico, with Billy and Chuck(another “gay” gimmick). Also, they have whatever Tyler Breeze is supposed to be…

  • Yin

    They have a gay gimmick now, isn’t that what John Cena is?

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