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NXT Arrival Results, Stars React, Triple H Twitter Q&A, NXT Streaming Errors

New Champion Crowned At NXT Arrival

– The show opens with Triple H hyping the crowd. “Are you ready?!!” Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and William Regal are on commentary.

– Cesaro def. Sammi Zayn, with the Neutralizer, after Zayn kicked out of the European Uppercut. After the match they hugged.

– Mojo Rawley def. CJ Parker, with the Hyperdrive.

– The Ascension def. Too Cool, when Viktor hit the Fall of Man on Scotty.

– Backstage Paige says that this is her house and she’s not your stereotypical Diva.

– Stephanie McMahon hits the ring ahead of the Women’s title match, she says she is proud to be a woman and that the Diva’s division is about doing anything a man can do.

– Paige def. Emma (NXT Women’s Championship Match), with the Scorpion Crush. After the match they hug.

– Backstage Adrian Neville says that in order to fly you have to eliminate all fear. He says he’s proved his doubters wrong. Though he’s never been in a Ladder match he says his style gives him the advantage.

– Alexander Rusev destroys Tyler Breeze and Xavier Woods before their match can start.

– Shawn Michaels escorts the NXT belt to the ring and puts over the Ladder match.

– Adrian Neville def. Bo Dallas (Ladder Match for the NXT Championship). Neville climbs the ladder to get the belt, after connecting with Red Arrow on to Bo, who was prone on the ladder.

NXT Arrival Reaction Videos

WWE have uploaded several videos following the event from those who took part:

Highlights From Triple H’s Twitter Q&A

Triple H conducted a Q&A on Twitter yesterday ahead of NXT Arrival. Here are some highlights …

Would you consider Arrival the WrestleMania of NXT?
“Everyone here has been saying it feels just like a WrestleMania. So, I would say yes.”

If you could face anyone from NXT, who would it be?
“Good question. I would have to say Neville and Zayn. Both awesome. Future of #WWE.”

Can we expect to see some talent move up to the main roster soon after tonight?
“It’s all about timing and making sure it’s the right moment to succeed.”

What do you think of Tyler Breeze?
“Always had the talent. Finally found the formula. I see big things in his future.”

Would you encourage your daughters to go into the wrestling business?
“I would support anything they wanted to do. If it’s WWE, then absolutely!”

Do you train any of the rookies or have any favorites?
“Work with them as much as I can when I’m here. No favorites. Want them all the succeed.”

Why isn’t Adrian Neville on RAW?
“When he has the most chance to succeed, he will be.”

What is the most innovating and compelling aspect of the WWE Performance Center?
“From a learning and safety stance, the crash pad ring will add years to careers!”

What do you think is most important to have first – the look, the mic skills or in-ring ability?
“I would take charisma over anything. It is the one thing you can’t teach.”

Can we get a Best of NXT DVD?
“Once we have enough to fill one. BTW it’s called @WWENetwork”

Is NXT the only platform WWE will look at talent or will you still keep an eye on the indies?
“We look for talent any place, any time, any where!”

WWE Issue Statement On NXT Streaming Bugs

WWE issued the following statement about Network technical difficulties during NXT Arrival:

During tonight’s live NXT ArRIVAL special, we unfortunately experienced technical difficulties, which are to be expected when launching a new digital network. We will work aggressively to solve these glitches and deliver quality service. The complete event will be available on-demand overnight.

Speaking of the Network VOD fixes have been released for both Roku and PS4. Roku noted on Twitter:

“#WWENetwork update: we just pushed a fix to the channel. Don’t see it? Force an update by clicking Settings -> System update -> check now.”

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