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Nikki Says New Divas Are Spoiled, Cody Talks Goldust’s Return, Axel On NXT Hopefuls

Nikki Bella Says New Divas Are Spoiled In Developmental

Nikki BellaNikki Bella told that the new generation of WWE Divas are spoiled by the developmental system:

“They’re definitely spoiled. I prefer how we did it, because we knew we had to work hard. When we were finally on TV it was like, ‘Holy cow! This is what we worked so hard for.’ It definitely, I think, makes you appreciate it more.”

It may be worth noting however that the Bella Twins only had a cup of coffee on the Indys and actually went through the FCW developmental program, after failing in the 2006 Diva search.

Cody On Goldust’s Return & possible Brother vs Brother match

Cody Rhodes recently discussed the return of his brother Goldust on Busted Open Radio and the possibility of a their team breaking up for a Wrestlemania showdown:

Dustin and I, were not as close as people think but we are real brothers and I know a lot about his personal life and he is such a fitness fanatic and he is living a healthy lifestyle. He has made that choice for three or four years now and I knew it would translate into his return to the ring in some fashion but I didn’t know how well it would translate. It’s full on competitive now between him and I and that’s what makes a great team. I don’t want to be any step behind my older brother and he doesn’t want to be any step behind his younger brother so it makes for a great dynamic. I’m shocked every time I see him in the ring, every time, because he is able to pull out something new and he able to perform at the level he was performing when he started out in the business.

I can say that it’s something that is always buzzing out there of the idea of Goldust versus Cody Rhodes and that’s flattering but I can tell you that the worst thing that our audience can do is assume that’s what’s going to happen, let whatever transpire and it will be more entertaining than speculation. I know this though and I can honestly tell you, if I had the opportunity to wrestle any singles match at a WrestleMania which is a superstars dream and it happened to be against my brother, my real life brother, I don’t know any match that would be better, any match with titles or not that would have anymore meaning behind it as far as the sixteen year age difference between us and the true competitive nature of being the sons of a hall of famer and it’s something that I wouldn’t discourage.

Curtis Axel On Who Should Be Called Up From NXT

A graduate of NXT himself, Curtis Axel shared his thoughts on who from the current crop could make it on the main roster, during an interview with The Tiger News website.

I’m a big fan of Bo Dallas. I know he’s the NXT Champion right now, but I remember I was in developmental when he first got there, and he was 18 years old and a young kid running around, and now just watching how he’s grown, it’s amazing. He’s a great wrestler. He knows what he’s doing, and I look forward to him getting brought up in the near future.

Other than that, there’s this guy that I’ve been seeing. He’s actually been working some of the live events with us. He’s Sami Zayn. He’s a high-flying kind of guy. It brings some different elements into the WWE, so we’ll see. I think those two are two guys you should keep an eye on in the future to get brought up to the main stage.

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