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Nikki Bella Loves Her Boobs, Paul London Nearly Fought Mark Henry? Candid Triple H Interview

Nikki Bella Discusses Her Favourite Body Part

Nikki Bella was asked what her favourite body part was in a recent interview with Sports Illustrated:

Can I say my booty? And I love my boobs—I paid a lot of my money for my bust. But those are the most womanly parts, and I love being a woman.

Lifting is what’s made me stronger and made me look better. Not only does it burn fat amazingly—and I think it’s really honed my body—it’s also given me the strength in the ring to lift girls up. I can literally lift anything on my shoulders. I know I could even get my own man up on my shoulders.

Nikki also discussed the metal rod she has in her shin:

I still have a rod in my shin from a broken bone I got playing soccer when I was 18. To this day, there are times when I feel that rod banging up in my knee or starting to throb.

Mark Henry Stole Paul London’s Food

In a recent interview with Journey of a Frontman Paul London discussed a time when Mark Henry stole his food at catering and William Regal had to step in:

I know fights that I wanted to happen. But it’s so much hot air, it’s no more than the coolest fight from high school. There’s this sad misconception that they’re really tough and it’s just not the case. Here’s a fighting story for you, I remember we were at the end of a tour overseas somewhere, it might’ve been a South American tour. And I remember we were in catering at the hotel, it was at night, and it was a dinner catering. I just remember everyone had to be up real early the next morning because it was the end of the tour. And I got my meal, I went through the line, and I went and sat down at a table by myself. It was fairly early and I just needed some space. I wanted to detox for a little bit from everyone. It wasn’t me being rude or anything, I was just keeping to myself and being quiet. So I sit down with a full plate of food and a Coke. And I realized I forgot my silverware, so I go back, and it wasn’t really a line, guys were just filing in. I went in and got some silverware. Then I turn around and I remember Mark Henry’s sitting at my table helping himself to my plate and my Coke. The only thing I really remember after that was Regal kind of intercepting me, taking me outside, and said, “You have this look on your face like you’re gonna kill somebody. So if you do, start with me please. I beg you to start with me.” And he said, “Just calm down for a little bit.” I just thought about that. I went back in and I got food and went back up to my room. It doesn’t matter how big I am. But under the right circumstances or under the wrong circumstances, my animal comes out. Size isn’t really an issue. Fortunately, my issue with Mark never really got to that point, but it was close. It was really just sad. A sad story, really.

Triple H On Talk Is Jericho

Chris Jericho’s latest podcast was with Triple H and is really worth a listen. He discusses his time at WCW, the rich snob gimmicks, the Kliq’s influence and much more. He said that his first night hanging with the Kliq they had to leave the bar before the police go there and Sean Waltman’s heart stopped beating in the parking lot from all the drugs. He and Nash still managed to hit the gym at 7am:

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