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New WWE DVD Ideas, Foley Tried To Help Ziggler, Finlay At WWE In Belfast

WWE Considering New DVD Concepts

WWE mailing list subscribers were recently asked about a list of potential new DVD concepts. Here were the options:

– A three-disc set looking at 3 “real lives” of WWE Superstars, similar to the Daniel Bryan Network special where he was followed around backstage and between shows.

– Biographies on “the professional and personal lives” of WWE Superstars, like ESPN’s “30 for 30” concept.

– “WWE Reveals”, looking at controversial moments in WWE history. Examles were Jerry Lawler vs. Andy Kaufman, the passing of Owen Hart, “The Curtain Call” in Madison Square Garden with the Kliq, Mike Tyson leaving prison after a rape conviction to help WWE kickstart Steve Austin as a major star, the XFL, and David Stossel being slapped by “Dr. D” David Schultz.

– One Man Show, where WWE legends tell intimate stories on stage.

The company is also considering releasing DVDs of Network content.

Mick Foley Pitched Ziggler Name Change

In a recent Tweet about his GFW videos, Mick Foley said he was a supporter of Dolph Ziggler and at one time pitched to have his named changed to something more serious:

The first part got some great feedback, and I think this one will too. As long as we live in a world where Dolph Ziggler can’t get a push, there need to be options for aspiring wrestlers.

The purpose of my post. I’m not to suggest that @HeelZiggler join @GFWWrestling – just using him as an example of how subjective @WWE decisions can be. I do agree that #DolphZiggler is a terrible ring name. A couple years ago, I sent a very detailed e-mail to the powers that be with a suggestion of how he could get out of the name, and simultaneously garner some mainstream media attention…but never heard back from those in charge.

Finlay Makes Surprise Appearance

Finlay made a surprise appearance at last night’s WWE house show in Belfast. Rowan and Harper won the tag titles by cheating, so Finlay came down and reversed the decision.

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