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New WWE Announcer, Brock Lesnar Rumor Denied, Palumbo Remembers Sean O’Haire

WWE Hires Arda Ocal

WWE have hired Canadian TV host Arda Ocal, who has done many interviews with wrestlers over the years and had success with his Right After Wrestling show on the Score. Renee Young was also plucked from the show.

Arda will now be going by the name Kyle Edwards.

Brock Lesnar Not Injured

For some reason the Washington Post ran a story that Brock Lesnar was off RAW on Monday due to health issues. WWE issued a statement denying that was the case. In reality he simply wasn’t booked on the show.

“No truth to the rumors about issues with Brock Lesnar’s health,” reads WWE’s statement.

Chuck Palumbo Discusses O’Haire’s Death

Chuck Plaumbo who once held the WCW tag titles with Sean O’Haire discussed the death of his friend with the RCWR show:

Great guy (Sean O’Haire), passed away way too young, super athletic, a big guy. He could move! I don’t know if you remember, he used to do that senton bomb…I mean this guy is 6′ 4″, 250 or 260 doing a senton. Yeah, he was green and stuff but he never really got to show I believe what he could really do. I thought overtime that guy was going to be something, he had it man, it just never happened and you know the rest, it’s funny… it may be based on opinion of one or two people where your career goes. I thought that the potential was there, you know.

After I looked on Twitter and saw all of the condolences and all of the feedback from Sean’s death that he got or even I got…If he had known there were that many people out there who cared about him and are fans of his I believe he would still be here today because honestly my gut tells me it was depression. I don’t think he realized that there were a lot of people out there who loved him when he was wrestling and were big fans of his and all of that was taken away from him and I don’t think he realized that. I think if he knew he had the fans he had–I don’t think he was a big social media guy or anything like that but I think if he knew that he had people out there that were big fans of his and cared about him, I think there was a real good chance that he would be here today.

A huge issue in pro wrestling for a guy whose careers have ended, I believe is depression. I believe it is a big issue that we don’t talk about. Anytime you have an athlete, speaking of pro wrestlers right now and they’re in the spotlight, they are on the road with the boys and they’re having fun and they are traveling and they are getting paid to do this fun job, although it is a lot of hard work, they are having fun and they are entertaining the crowd, the spotlight, the action. All of the sudden when that is taken away from you it can really be detrimental and I think it really brings out the depression. I think a lot of the times, the guys don’t even know it, you know? They have all that fun until their career is over and the thing is now with pro wrestling, if you’re not working for Vince and the WWE, chances are you probably aren’t working.

You know, there is not many places to go, so that’s you’re one place. In everyday life you work the 9 to 5, no matter what you do. If you lose your job, alright it sucks but if you get out there you’ll find another one. With pro wrestling, if you lose your job with pro wrestling the chances are your career is over you know? You might get another shot. I was fortunate at that time to get called back to go back up to Vince and stuff like that but these days if you lose your shot, that’s it. You can’t go to WCW. There are not many spots over in Japan, there is not much money in the Indies. I think it does a number on these guys, I really do and I think that might have been the main cause of what put him (Sean O’Haire) where he is you know?

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