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New WWE 2K15 Modes Revealed, First Look At In-Game John Cena, Austin and Sting On 2K15 Panel

US October 28, 2014 – EU October 31, 2014

2K Showcase Mode

It was revealed this week that the new “story mode” featured on WWE 2K15 will be known as 2K Showcase and will focus on two historic rivalries, similar to the past 30 Years of Wrestlemania and Attitude Era modes.

However unlike those modes that focussed on a lot of feuds within a broad period of time, the two rivalries will be much more detailed.

Though the rivalries have not been revealed, imagine Austin vs The Rock, detailing all of their most epic encounters and matches from beginning to end like a “mini documentary”.

Career Mode Only Included on Current Gen Consoles

In perhaps some disappointing news for some, the My Career mode that allows you to take your created wrestler through the ranks of WWE with progressive and varying storylines and angles, will only be available on the current generation consoles Xbox One and PS4. The PS3 and Xbox 360 version will not have the capacity to carry the mode.

The mode itself however sounds very promising. It has long been rumored that it will follow an NXT to main roster main event story, which has not really been tackled since 2004’s WWE Day of Reckoning on the Gamecube.

First Look At John Cena

Also this week 2K released one of the first in-game screenshots (actual gameplay) of John Cena, and it looks spectacular:

Jared from 2K explains in further detail:

Yes, that is an actual, in-game screenshot using developer screenshot tools (just like all the 2K14 screenshots you see us post on Twitter/FB). It was taken during gameplay, so it’s not during an entrance or cut-scene or anything like that. The lighting, the depth-of-field, the light reflecting off the ropes.. it’s 100% legit in-game.

The really cool thing? It gets better. While this screenshot is impressive, it also doesn’t get into the insane details of the character models. The advantage of both facial and body scans really comes through when you start noticing details about these people that you ordinarily take for granted, from bone structure to pigment variation to moles.. It’s super nuts and it’ll be a lot of fun to dissect each coming screenshot for these types of details.

To that end, one detail that stands out to me here is John’s veins. They’re always very clear during a match, especially that squiggly one that goes down his right arm. You can see those here and rendered accurately, where in the past its always just been little highlights here and there. It’s crazy.

It looks like this meme is no longer relevant!

Steve Austin Hosting WWE 2K15 Panel With Sting

Remember last year;s controversial video game panel, that saw a drunk Ric Flair (and possibly drunk JR) completely go off the subject at hand and tell crazy and emotional stories?

Well this year Steve Austin is hosting the panel, Sting will be there! As will Hulk Hogan, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Cesaro and Sheamus.

It will take place during Summerslam weekend and air live on before landing on and Youtube.

Roster So Far


Bray Wyatt
Daniel Bryan
Darren Young
John Cena – WWE World Heavyweight Champion
Rob Van Dam
Randy Orton
Roman Reigns
Triple H
Xavier Woods


AJ Lee – Divas Champion


Hulk Hogan (Retro)
Shawn Michaels
“Stone Cold” Steve Austin


Paul Heyman

DLC Roster

Sting (Crow and Surfer)
Hollywood Hulk Hogan, and NWO Hogan

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