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New Undertaker Photo, JR Speculates About Austin’s Return, Kevin Steen On NXT Graphic

The Undertaker At Longhorns Game

Here is a new photo of The Undertaker at Saturday’s Texas Longhorns vs. Iowa State Cyclones college football game in Austin, Texas:

Jim Ross Rips The IWC

In a new blog post Jim Ross called out the “IWC” for continuing to push that Steve Austin may be returning to the ring:

No matter what @steveaustinBSR says about returning to the ring, some in the IWC simply refuse to want to believe him and use that as a headline to create more traffic. The best chance that Steve ever returns to the ring, IMO, is at WM31 in Dallas where he can leave the game after helping sell 100,000 tickets…..and that return is one helluva long shot but it’s great cannon fodder for some sites to run with for another year.

[There’s a reason why Jim Ross is becoming more and more disliked by internet fans, because of hypocritical posts like this. He calls out the marks for speculating, then does exactly that himself. In fact he’s one of the leading voices dragging the story along. Let’s also not deny the fact that Austin himself has flipped flopped over the last year or so, and at one point he really did say a return was possible.]

Kevin Steen On NXT Promo Material

In a sign that WWE is fully behind Kevin Steen he has made his way on to promotional material even before debuting on the show:

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